Sunday, May 02, 2010

Back to life, back to reality.

Today we renewed our membership to the exploration park. SS and I had not visited in months, not much energy for walking and that is where our walks usually ended. SS is used to have me show our card, then she quickly gets her wristband and off to explore she goes. Not today, there was paperwork to do, and she did not like waiting one bit. SS life is all about hurry up and wait, you'll see.

We had a blast reacquainting ourselves with our stomping grounds. The new GPS exhibit, a toddler's hands on dream was also a lot of fun. They recently refurbished a water exhibit and SS was all over it, getting wet and looking forward to many returns. We ended our visit at the butterfly exhibit. SS was very excited about the butterflies and tried to coax them into flying, "Flap your wings, fly!"

SS fell asleep as soon as P placed her in her carseat. She did not wake up when we got to C0$tco, and would not budge at the mention of a hot dog and a smoothie. P was holding SS (who was resting her head on his shoulder), and when he tried to take a bite of his food, SS's head flopped forward, dangerously close to hitting the table. Good thing the man has excellent reflexes. My inner neurotic, overprotective b*tch came out and I had to take SS from P. I should have taken a very deep breath, then count to one hundred. The guy did nothing wrong, but it scared me, and the thought of my kids getting hurt makes me do strange things.

I took my baby in my arms, and sat across from P, holding SS just like he had. SS did not even open her eyes. I had SS on my right arm, and I was eating with my left hand, while P was looking at me with a what the heck woman, how are you swinging that look. Easy, I was born with a uterus, all creatures born with one are programmed to perform such feats. I held SS while we shopped, because I did not want her to wake up if we switched. Gosh, twenty six pounds of love, dead weight love do a job on your arm. I left P to pay and took SS to the van. She was so tired that she did not stir when I placed her in the carseat. My arm was twitching the entire drive home. It was quite funny.

At 9:30 p.m. P went to the van, looking for SS's milk sippy, and we are so glad he did. P asked me if I opened the garage door. Nope, not me, and not him. Hmmmm, that leaves only one person, a three feet Gremlin who loves to wreck havoc. Our very busy SS cannot reach the garage button, so how? Then I remembered finding an opened kitchen drawer earlier. The same kitchen drawer where the garage remote resides. Dear SS, you manage to keep us on our toes. Could you please limit your headache inducing antics to one per day? Your rapidly aging parents would really appreciate it.

SS and I are looking forward to resuming our morning walks. Sun and water, we can't go wrong. OMG, I need sun and color badly, I'm as pale as P!

SS had not seem her beloved sturgeons (aka Baba Fish, and the coolest fish ever) for months. She spent time saying hi and letting them know that she will be back frequently.

P and SS posing with a salmon. P once caught one that weighed 35 pounds. Nine pounds heavier than our daughter now. That was one huge fish, and a tasty fish.

"Hey guys I hit the wooden block motherlode! Can I have one just like this one in my room?"

Baba teaching SS about clue gathering while geocashing. We planned to geocash in China, and hoped to leave a small Sn00py and have it make its way back to our town. But adoption trips are not vacation trips. From the moment we arrived at SFO we knew that geocashing was not going to happen. P keeps his promises, so it is top of the list for our return trip.

SS imitation of a well mannered child.

This cheap plastic calculator had SS's attention for record time. We are going to buy her one for road trips. Come on, it could be considered educational. The girl is a pro at pushing buttons, mainly our buttons.

Gotta love technology.

I have always had a thing for world globes, and one this size would be a dream come true for me. It was neat to see that it caught SS's interest.

What a treat, an exhibit where it is OK to touch to your toddler heart's desire.

We thought SS was going to faint at the sight of so many cell phones and GPSs.

Trying to splash Mama and Mama's precious possession, her camera.

Baba's turn to get wet.

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