Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day (Updated)

Okay, so it’s Mother’s Day. What does that mean? To me it means a day to celebrate those women who go the extra mile and expect nothing in return. It also means acknowledging the sacrifice mothers make for the betterment of their children and society as a whole. Mother’s day is the time we give thanks for the mothers in our lives, be they ours or others. So it’s at this time that I would like to thank and acknowledge K. I’m so thankful she is the mother of my children. I couldn’t ask for a more devoted person to look after what I love most in life, my children. I love her caring, her devotion, her heart, and her steadfast commitment to her children. I know I don’t always acknowledge the hard work she puts in day in and day out raising a toddler. But I’m always thinking about it. I’m thinking about how there is no way I could have half the patience she has to do the job. I'm so thankful for the sacrifice she's made the last two years to stay home with SS. The bond those two have cultivated over that period of time will truly benefit our daughter the rest of her life. I knew K would be an excellent mother to SS long before we had the desire to raise her. Seeing how much she put into raising JJ and the sacrifices she made for him, I knew she would do the same with another child. I remember how when we first got together, almost 15 years ago, how in no uncertain terms JJ came first and if I were to have a place with her I needed to accept that. At first I didn't understand it but today I can't imagine it any other way. A good mother always puts her children first, and that's what K does. So K, thank you for putting your children first. They will grow to be happy and loved and those around them will know why. Happy Mother's Day Baby.


Happy Mother's Day to all the Mamas, Moms, Mamis, Mommas and Mothers out there, no matter how your children came into your life. An extra special hug and kiss to all the waiting Mamas, it's tough, but so worth the wait.

To SS's birth mother, thank you seems inadequate, as no words can convey our eternal gratitude. Without you, our family would be incomplete.

We sent his picture to my mother, Abu and Aunt Court but it did not show up on all their e-mails. It made it difficult to decipher the message. Subject was: Happy Mother's Day. Body: May your special day be filled with bacon or whatever you fancy. I hope once they see the picture it makes sense.

Mama and SS at brunch. SS had a virgin mimosa to go along with her recent virgin margarita. The girl knows her virgin drinks. :)

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