Saturday, May 15, 2010

SS's first season pass.

We bought our water park season passes today when P came home for lunch. It is SS's first season pass with her picture and name on it. The aquatic center and exploration park passes include her, but she does not get her own card. SS was very excited waiting for Baba to come home and was jazzed up about having her picture taken. The joys of being a three year old. I had a craving for a Slurpee and asked P to bring me a C0ke one and whatever fruity flavor for SS. P showed up with a strawberry-banana large one for us to share. He definitely does not have a clue that there is no such thing as sharing something sugary with SS. She latched on to the thing and P and I were lucky to get a few sips.

Last year I filled out the pass contract, and when P had his picture taken he realized they gave him my last name. They would not change it, stating that everyone under the same contract had to have the same last name. This year I decided to take one for the team, and now I am the one walking around with the wrong last name. SS is also walking around with only half of her last names. No offense but Americans are rather narrow minded about last names.

The water park opens next Friday but we do not know if it is going to be warm enough to enjoy the water. SS has a wet suit, so it will be OK for her. We do not think we will be enjoying the lazy lagoon for a few weeks. Summer is here and we are looking forward to sun and water.

Our cute basket case.

Texting Mama, yep, that is what Baba taught her.

Dinner yesterday, SS loves dumplings.

Would you wave the $45 fee and take half a huge, backwash filled Slurpee?

This skull and bones lanyard caught P's eye. When he asked to purchase one, the woman wanted to know which one. They also had a flower lanyard. Silly woman, our SS does not do stinking flowers. SS is upset in this picture because Baba returned to work, and I had her turn her card around.

Dinner tonight.

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