Friday, October 01, 2010

Complete lack of cohesiveness.

Last week we received a package from Grandpa, expecting to find items we left at his house and a few macadamia nut treats. Much to SS's delight, it also included a Buzz Lightyear talking figure, a Toy Story Golden Book, and a Toy Story activity book with stickers. SS is in BL heaven and Grandpa managed to take care of two items on our let's enable our BL obsessed daughter list.

SS takes the BL figure to bed now and it always manages to land under me. Just as I am about to fall asleep, I manage to make it go off and it startles the daylights out of me. The Golden Book brought back good JJ memories. When he was SS's age, he had about 120 of those books. I need to get more for SS.

Thank you Grandpa!

This morning SS and I were doing the morning ritual of talking up school. She is still struggling with the notion that P and I will not remain with her. We are not that worried, because she did very well ignoring us at MU and SJ. SS then asked for a BL shirt for school and I said we would get her one. They only make them for boys (so discriminatory), but this won't be the first time we buy SS clothes from the boys department. SS assumed that we would go during P's lunch break and was very upset when that did not happen. She would not stop nagging about that darn shirt all afternoon. I know, that is what we get for feeding her obsessions. We will get her one tomorrow, but not for the first day of school. Her BL backpack and BL sippy cup should suffice.

This afternoon SS went back to the school subject and asked "Where's my preschool Mama?" I pondered if I should just say MU, but was doubtful she would remember. Before I could answer SS added "I visit 3 preschools." I was stunned, who the heck knew she was keeping track? I had to text P because she really caught me off guard with that one.

As we have posted, SS loves fruits and vegetables, easily meeting her daily recommended servings by lunch. Usually parents struggle with getting kids to eat vegetables and resort to hiding them within the food (like mixing them into meatloaf, etc.). We have the opposite problem, we use vegetables to cover meat. SS is a champ at eating rice and noodles, but is lazy about eating meat and poultry. JJ finds this odd, as if he is the textbook definition of normal.

For lunch, SS had carnitas (shredded pork) over chips. SS loves everything crunchy, so she uses chips instead of the soft tortillas used for carnitas. She insisted on peas and carrots and that led to a funky looking lunch. Each bite had a tortilla topped with carnitas, and covered with the peas and carrots. But it gets her to eat protein so we do not mind.

The peas and carrots reappeared during dinner. We had picadillo over white rice, but as you will see below, SS's was covered by veggies. The picadillo has peas, but just not enough for SS. We also have to wait for her to eat enough protein before feeding her rice. She still managed to have two portions of her beloved white rice.

Normal picadillo serving.

SS's serving.

SS would not let go of her phone because she was listening to music, and still wanted to take more pictures.

Crazy idea, but it gets her to eat without protesting.

More from SS's phone camera:

SS has taken over our refrigerator door with her "art." She placed all of them without our help.

This is what happens when your crazy parents photograph everything, no matter how inane for your blog. So proud of her.


Whatshername's Mummy said...

The Vtech camera of ours (2 years old but not used much as it ate batteries) is no longer working - I'm so glad that you didn't get one. Looking at the photos of SS in her highchair it looks similar to ours, ours was one of the ones in the recall this week, so please check yours.
With love from Wales and the Ryder Cup,
Alice Ming's proud Mama

2china4S said...


Thank you SO MUCH for the heads up. P checked and missed it, it is the Aquarium Healthy Care High Chair. We just ordered the repair kit. SS won't be using her chair until then.