Friday, October 15, 2010

We had a much happier morning.

We took a different approach this morning with SS. P went to work at 4:00 a.m. and it was up to me to wake up the beast. P, I love you, but I am no fool, you went to work early to escape the morning wrath that is SS. I am OK with this because when SS hits puberty I will be in an assisted living facility, not remembering a thing and you will be the one dealing with her. Did I mention how much I love you? MWAH!

SS took a fun bath last night, and although P and I are @nal about bathing/showering before facing our day we let it go. SS had a bath last night, no need to bathe her again. I had to wake her up and like the spineless coward that I am offered her a few minutes of Nick Jr. for her pain and suffering. The first thing out of SS's mouth was "Where's Baba?" I got her ready for school while she watched cartoons. No explanations/apologies here, it worked and we are going to do what it takes to get SS out the door without drama and tears.

Once SS had her BL backpack ready on her back she looked at me, pointed at the door and with the cutest smirk ever said "Let's rock and roll." No way was I ready for that and did not have my camera ready. SS graciously recreated her funny side for me outside. I quickly e-mailed the video to P. Since we had to drive by P's work to get to school, I called P and he came out to give his scholastic star a big hug and a kiss. Teacher S noticed that SS was in a better mood this morning. I got a huge hug and a kiss and was out of there in a few minutes.

I went to run some errands because I am a coward and did not want to come back to an empty house. I think this is the first time since July 2008 that I went to Costco alone. Really pathetic but that is my reality. I made it home with just enough time to put away the perishable items then turn around and go get SS. She recognized her Baba's work place and wanted to to stop by for a kiss. I told SS that Baba would be home in a few minutes for lunch and she could see him and kiss him then. SS shed a few tears but gave in. My phone buzzed as I was waiting at a traffic light and it was P texting to find out if I was dropping by on our way home. I felt embarrassed when I texted him that I did not want to come across a clingy by dropping by. Hope I did not hurt his feelings.

SS had a good half day at school and according to Teacher M she once again used a regular cup to drink. I have no idea how she is doing that because when we try a regular cup with just water at home, it ends up in a spill. Now if they can get SS to a potty we are golden.`

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