Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First day of preschool, SS is a big girl now.

SS woke up in a good mood and crossed off her last sleep on the calendar, which meant that today was the big day. I had done all the countdowns with SS, so I allowed a very sleepy P to do the real important one, the last one. Funny that P was so tired because by 6:00 a.m. he's usually been at work for quite a while. My insomnia got the best of me, so I wasted time watching the Chilean miners return to the surface. Go Chile!

SS was in a good mood until P tried to rinse her off. She had a meltdown demanding that I do it. OK, whatever gets her to stop screaming at such an early hour. By the time she was dressed and ready to go, SS was alternating between crabby and crying. SS refused to smile for the camera and as we were about to leave she announced that she did not want to go to preschool. UGH. I sat her on my lap and we went over how much fun she would have at preschool. We also talked to SS about how Mama and Baba would be there to drop her off and to pick her up, and that we would wait home for her. Won't lie, we were concerned about a major meltdown, but once she arrived at MU she perked up, and went off to play. We had to remind her to give us a hug and a kiss. I know it sounds needy, but we did not want her to meltdown later when she remembered she did not get a kiss.

P and I spent about an hour home, then did something productive. We picked up my new glasses. The good news is that the progressive bifocals are not bothering me as much as I thought they would. The bad news is that I must need them for the transition to be this smooth. Have I mentioned that aging sucks? We then dropped paperwork by our eye doctor and family practitioner's office. Next stop was the County courthouse to begin the likely to be stressful process to readopt SS. Then with trepidation we drove to SS's school.

SS ran straight to her Baba and did not notice I was standing next to him. It seems that everything went well, SS was just perfect. No crying, no tantrums, no concerns. She had yogurt and strawberries for snack and ate it all. Not a surprise there. Lunch consisted of spaghetti and bread. SS ate the bread but only picked at the pasta. SS ate a lot yesterday, so we are not worried. According to to Teacher W, SS drank from a regular cup and did well. Really? Then why does she spill everything when we try? As Teacher M was helping SS get her things together, SS jumped up and down and said to us, "YOU CAME BACK!" We will never abandon you SS. OK, we are kind of flaky and have a senior moment here and there, but we will always come back for you. That is what Mamas and Babas do.

We realize that this is SS's honeymoon period and pretty soon they will see her hell raising side. Maybe this is good, they will like her by then, and will not expel her when her 'feisty" side comes out.

SS was scaring me here, she had shed quite a few tears and seemed scared.

SS would not crack a smile for the obligatory first day of school picture. She obviously did not get the memo explaining the importance of faking sheer delight to feed her parents' egos.

We do not negotiate with terrorists, SS does not negotiate with the paparazzi.

This is the best we got from SS. A train happened to stop across the street and she was all excited.

P insisted on a celebratory round of nuggets and fries. We did not bother with milk or apple slices, that would dampen the celebration aspect. SS is proudly showing her first school project.

P changed SS into her BL PJs and tucked her in before heading to work. SS was tuckered out by 12:45 p.m.

At least we have proof that she was not a sour puss upon wakening.


Brenda said...

Yay SS! Yay P! Yay K! You all SURVIVED!!!

2china4S said...


Ain't that the truth? P had a mini meltdown on Sunday, totally down about SS growing up. This is a first for him, it is why he took the morning off from work. Guilt is my middle name, and SS had cold feet this morning. But it went well, and it is time for SS to expand her horizons. :)