Thursday, October 14, 2010

Godzilla is still wreaking havoc.

SS's love of trains is still growing strong and she is spending a lot of time playing with her metropolis. I realized this afternoon that it has a a fire truck, fire station and fireman. Duh, that explains the addition of firefighter to her super hero name. We are glad she likes it so much, makes it worth giving up the dining table. At times SS plays a bit too rough with her train table and it results on the tracks coming off. Along with everything else falling off. P is now calling SS Godzilla, although she is more of a miniature version, but still wreaking the same amount of havoc.

When we picked up SS at school yesterday she did not notice that I was wearing different glasses. I had been using a lot of different cheap reading glasses, so it makes sense that it was not a big deal. SS was also so excited running to her Baba that she did not notice me, let alone my glasses. When I came into her room after her nap, although she was not fully awake, she noticed my glasses right away. She gave me a not so nice look and said "Baba's glasses." Uh, no sweetie these are mine. SS was skeptical until I moved my hair back and pointed to the blue temples (our styles are similar, but P's are black). I asked SS if she liked them, a very dumb move on my part, given the less than pleased look she was giving me. SS answered "I like Baba's glasses." Never ask a child a question unless you are prepared for brutal honesty.

The progressive bifocal choice was a good one, the only problem is when I am in bed reading then look up at the TV. Getting use to wear glasses all the time is proving to be very difficult. I am not used to wearing anything full time (other than clothes). I hardly ever wear jewelery, it took a while before I got used to my wedding ring. While I now feel naked leaving the house without it, once home it is the first thing I remove along with my watch. It used to drive P nuts when I would leave for work without my engagement ring. I right now have two very good prescription glasses MIA, because I took them off G0d knows where. P listened to my reasoning then kindly told me that it sucks to be me. No sympathy whatsoever. Gee, I said I wear my wedding ring whenever I'm in public, and it is not like anyone would care. P is just a different animal, he never takes off his wedding ring or his watch, and has been wearing glasses full time for a long time. Contacts are not an option because I can't imagine sticking anything in my eyes daily. I do not like anything near my eyes, let alone in them. Yeah, it sucks to be me.

Look at the destruction Mini Godzilla has caused.

Nice shoe rack SS, it was worth the price.

P got the metropolis back in shape, but I am sure Godzilla will destroy it before he is back home this afternoon.

From SS's point and shoot camera (old 6 megapixel):

The things that catch the eye of a 3 year old (the plastic between the pantry doors).

Dog must be hand washed and air dried. I thought SS was going to throw a fit, but since she was in shutterbug mode we avoided a crisis. BTW, this is Dog #2 (there are 3).

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