Friday, October 29, 2010

First Halloween party.

Today SS's school celebrated Halloween, and she was more than ready to party. As luck would have it I had an appointment that could not be rescheduled, so P dropped off SS at school by himself for the first time. I hightailed it home to change and grab my camera, and was able to make it on time. P took a break a joined us for a while, a bonus of him working nearby. SS wore the pirate costume from last year. This year's costume is white and no way would we risk her staining it before the big day. We know we are biased but she was the cutest pirate there.

SS did not stay for lunch and we left at 11:10 a.m. Then I quickly changed SS into this year's costume because P wanted to show her off at work. SS was more than happy to oblige. When we got home SS had a major meltdown because I would not allow her to eat her candy before she ate lunch. The child was running on empty, did not have breakfast, did not even drink milk this morning. She was so excited about her party that she just wanted out the door. I had to put my foot down and the tears flowed freely. After she exhausted herself with her tantrum SS asked me to place her in her crib. She was out by the time P made it home for lunch and it is still snoozing as I post. All that excitement wore out our little dynamo.

Teacher M was also a pirate.

Fishing for treats.

Pirate to pirate.

Balloon popping.

SS managed to eat the whole doughnut.

SS's class, Ms. M on left and Ms. L on right.

SS took a bat swing at a Tinkerbell piƱata. We are so proud of her.

Notice that SS is on her way back as the kids are going towards the candy. I was not happy to see that the teachers are pretty much allowing SS to do as she pleases. They allow her to cut in line and participate out of turn. They are very good at telling the other kids to wait their turn and stand in line, and that is to kids younger than SS. We are going to have to talk to the director about this.

What the heck, SS decided to join the mayhem anyway.

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