Sunday, October 10, 2010

Monkey King Buzz Lightyear Firefighter Hero.

SS is getting more creative with her super hero fixation. This afternoon she announced that she is Monkey King Buzz Lightyear Firefighter Hero. That is quite a mouthful for not even 30 pounds of love. SS's interest in the Monkey King is fairly new and welcomed. MK is the main character in a classic Chinese novel, and her attraction to this character occurred without our prompting. We found this description of MK, "is an indeed rebellious extraordinary being, born out of a rock, fertilized by the grace of Heaven. Being extremely smart and capable, he learned all the magic tricks and gongfu from a master Taoist,being able to transform himself into seventy-two different images such as a tree, a bird, a beast of prey or a bug as small as a mosquito so as to sneak into an enemy's belly to fight him inside or out. Using clouds as a vehicle he can travel 180,000 miles a single somersault and a huge iron bar that supposedly serves as ballast of the seas and can expand or shrink at its owner's command." I think that is one neat super hero to pick, and the rebellious extraordinary being is just totally SS. The BL part is a no brainer, however, we did not know she is now into firefighters. Too bad that I can't sew, because that combination super hero SS made up would make a heck of a Halloween costume.

SS slept through the night and at exactly 615 a.m. (12 hours later) she called out for me. She then napped for a few hours starting just before noon. Once again I was the designated cushion for her nap. Glad to know I can be of some use around here. We are really hopeful that school will help with regulating SS's sleep hours. Or at least that she will sleep through the night.

I have not taken a picture of my child in two days, that has to be a record. Truth be told, SS has been following us around with her phone in full paparazzo mode. watching her morph into us is not pleasant. Her requests are funny, such as "Say cheese Mama/Baba," or "Over here sweetie, look here." Message received, it must be annoying to have a camera pointed at you so often. Sorry SS, it's just that you are so darn photogenic, but you deserve a break.

SS has made progress with leaving my breasts alone when we are in public. At home is different, but I take what I can get. A few days ago we were talking and she asked about my n*pples, as she had done about a dozen times that day. A bit tired of the question I wearily told her that they were in the same place they have been since we met. I added that it is also the same place where hers are located. SS quickly corrected me "I have no n*pples, I have holes Mama." SS was topless and pointed to the area with mild annoyance. She is right and I should have known better. We had a good laugh about it. No wonder she is obsessed with those things, hers have yet to arrive. P sometimes jokes that he misses the days when SS was non mobile and non verbal. This usually happens when she is driving us insane with her extreme energy and loudness. But these moments, when she cracks us up with just being 3 are a riot.

While we have not taken pictures, we could not resist a video of SS rocking to Magic. It is her favorite song now, and it also reminds us of one of the first nicknames P gave SS when we met, Baby Magic. We are responsible for the the mismatched attire and lack of hair brushing. It's a lazy weekend, and SS picked her clothes (not a future haute couture phenom) and we did not force the rat nest in her hair issue. Anyone who has met us knows we left our spines in China.

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