Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Books and a movie.

Yesterday SS's books arrived, and P ended up chuckling all the way home about his cleverness.  SS's teacher seems a bit resistant to using the Internet. The school's web page has spaces for the teachers to add announcements, and to keep a blog.  SS's teacher is not one of those participating. A few weeks ago SS came home with the Scholastic catalog, and we decided to purchase some bilingual books for SS. Just easy peachy stuff to get her started. The form provided an option to purchase Online, sweet. We still have our old checks, with our northern California address, and we pay all of our bills Online, so no rush in getting another set. Also, the teachers do not take paperwork from the kids of any kind, the children are responsible (weird to use that word with five yea old kids) for handing over things inside the classroom. Trusting SS with a check inside an envelope is asking for trouble, so we clearly prefer electronic payments.

As I looked for SS's school Online, I realized that SS's teacher was not signed up for Online purchases. Bleh. P told me to just order the books under the other immersion teacher's account, no biggie, they all already know SS's name, the books will get to us. Except, I reminded P, that the classrooms get points and free books depending on how much the parents order. As usual, P's passive aggressiveness was way ahead of my up front, meek brain. He was sure that once Mrs. V-P saw SS's order, she would reconsider Online ordering.

Yesterday morning Mrs. V-P called my attention and asked if I ordered books for SS. Yes, I did (P was already smirking). Mrs. V-P said that they ended up in Mrs. R's classroom, pretty much playing dumb. I explained that I chose to purchase Online, as it was easier for us. Mrs. V-P informed me that the company was going to change her account to allow Online purchases "because our classrooms gets free books when you purchase." Well no sh*t Sherlock. And for the record, Scholastic does not determine what type of accounts each teacher gets, it's simply free choice. It's simply the willingness to take a few extra minutes to accommodate others. P was very satisfied at stirring the pot. My husband, aka Agent Passive Aggressive. 

The coolest book we got for Sula is Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos. We can't wait for SS's class to cover this holiday.

We took caution to the wind and last night, on a school night (actually 5:25 p.m.) we took SS to see Hotel Transylvania in 3D. P was sure she would like it, I no longer know what is going to scare SS moment to moment.  SS had a blast, and we enjoyed it as well. 

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