Tuesday, October 16, 2012

For the love of trick or treating.

We definitely know how to pick uncomfortable situations. SS's first visit to Camp Spooky had us sweating buckets. SS is proving to be totally P's child, because she was not detered, even when we thought she was about to pass out from the heat at one of the Peanuts shows.  Our fearless pirate began her spooktacular adventure by engaging in a scavenger hunt, that yielded more sugar than is healthy to ingest. SS only got on two rides, she is secure that she has many returns ahead of her.

After the show we decided to have SS change into a T-shirt and shorts until the costume parade. She would have none of it and only accepted the T-shirt. We then went in a restaurant to enjoy the AC.  P took the opportunity to visit the Halloween Haunt museum they have in honor of the Haunt's 40th anniversary. Since SS is scared by most anything, I sat with SS while P got his gory fix. SS wanted to go with him and was whining and begging. I explained that Baba was going to look at scary things, and she could not handle it.  SS argued that she would not get scared, so I changed tactics and told her that it was for adults only.  A staff person came by our table, said hi to SS and asked her what she was up to. SS responded "We are here waiting for Baba who went to do scary adult things." The guy at the table next to us almost spit out his drink. Thanks SS, nice of you to tell a staff member that your perverted Baba is loose in a park full of children.

On the way out we (P) purchased our Halloween Haunt tickets and mandatory T-shirts. It's our thing, and we missed that silly ritual.  I asked P to pose with SS in front of a billboard advertising the Haunt and costume party at Camp Snoopy.  Another Haunt ritual is to take a picture pointing at the day we attend the Haunt. A family came up to us as we were about to leave, and the father said he would take our picture if we returned the favor. Sweet, we got our first Haunt picture with SS. 

Ready to get her trick or treat on.

Only ten minutes in the park and she managed to pillage an airplane.

Sugar rush!

P waited so long for this moment. I'm glad he finally got his wish.

This pirate is ready for the show to begin. Beware, she's got a sword and is not afraid to use it (see video below).

By the time the stage costume stroll began it was 98 degrees. Yet SS is a pro, and took one for the team to show Baba that Halloween is a sacred family thing.

It's so good to be back home.

SS is such a funky chicken, and here she is doing her pirate dance. When she turns sideways she is actually swinging the sword around at a girl dressed as a princess. Cracked me up.

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