Monday, October 29, 2012

It was a busy week.

Wednesday was wear crazy socks to school day, we did not go crazy, instead SS wore socks with a black kitty on them. I failed to get a close up picture of the socks. I'm sure she will wearing them again.

Wednesday was karate class day. Cutest lethal weapons ever, SS's tiny fists of fury. We are noticing an improvement in SS's confidence. On the first class, SS could not keep up with the others when asked to switch sides, but is now a pro. She is so small that sensei has to hold her when it is her turn to kick, but at least she is trying. Our goal is for the stranger danger talks to get through to our overly friendly child. We worry so much about her safety, and that is why she is rarely out of our sight.

And as with every picture, there's Baba, making sure SS smiles.

Thursday was wear crazy glasses to school day, and SS did not disappoint with her choice. It was also the day I volunteered in the classroom, and boy, was that an eye opener. There was another volunteer and our job was to review the first set of sight words with the kids. I was surprised at how many kids did not get a single word right. Especially when it was the Spanish speakers. SS reverted to her preschool behavior of whispering her answers, and missed three words.  That was upsetting because we had reviewed them the night before and she had them all down.

Our girl does not talk in the classroom, but boy does she yap during snack and lunch time.  No wonder she does not eat much, she is too busy socializing. She seems popular with the other kids, and lots want to seat next to her.

Lunch was another eye opener. The kids are supposed to seat four to each side of the table. SS's table had 13 kids, no idea how they managed to squeeze in. Just as I thought there wasn't an inch left, a little girl came and decided to squeeze next to SS. The girl was pretty skinny, yet half her butt was hanging out the seat. The teacher's aide walked by, chuckled and said "welcome to our world, it's like this every day."

At 12:24 the teacher's aide, the other mom and I were frantically collating the homework packet. WTH? So much to do on those three hours, and so much time wasted with behavior issues. K was on his second warning by 8:10 a.m., yep, barely 20 minutes into the school day. I heard his name countless of times during those three hours, and not once in a positive manner. When I tested him on his sight words he was squirming all over the place.  It seemed like more than the lack of preschool experience. Seconds after being told not to touch a child, he would do just that. JJ was sent to the Principal's office for far less, and they even had the gall to demand that he be medicated. I'm really in shock at how much E and K get away with.  No wonder SS goes by unnoticed.

Our obviously exhausted baby.  I'm glad P talked me into buying this bed. The cheapskate in me wanted something a lot less expensive. However, other than satisfying SS's request for a loft bed, we like how the sides are so high. Even though SS was heck bent on a big girl bed, she still needs the security of a crib.  This bed does the job beautifully. And I don't have to worry about her falling off the bed.

Well tomorrow is surgery, and we are worried. I was awakened by a sharp pain in my bladder area, and from previous experience it might be a UTI. Not sure how that is going to affect surgery. Hoping the pain subsides soon.  

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