Monday, October 15, 2012

Team Dynamo won their first game.

I'm not sure what happened Saturday on that field, and it may have been the result of one, or a combination of things. Maybe Team Red Bull sucked big time, maybe Team Dynamo members all had their Wheaties that morning (although SS had chocolate milk with whipped cream); maybe Dynamo kids found their footing coordination and passion. Then perhaps, it was just time for a fluke to occur, but what a happy fluke it turned out to be. We are always honest about our children's short comings, and go as far as to joke about their lack of athletic prowess.  The same goes for SS's team mates, there are a few decent players, but for the most, they suck. This made Saturday all the more remarkable, those kids rocked that field. The score was 2-0, but I was astounded at the almost dozen times Dynamo came close to score. They usually have a hard time just getting the ball to the opposing team's side.

I had not way of predicting what a great time SS would have.  Coach K had her kick off the game, and to my amazement, about barely two minutes in, SS elbowed a much larger boy to get to the ball. WTH? I could not believe my eyes, since SS is usually very timid about physical contact, since she is always on the losing end.  The coach's wife, A exclaimed, OMG, she ELBOWED him, wow. No kidding. From there SS slipped into her own little world, as usual. There were super hero poses to be made, dust particles to chase, and a sudden fear that her pants would fall down to her ankles. The ball? What ball are you talking about? At a point I told SS to pay attention. Coach K's mother turned to me and said "I'm the coach's mother, and he was the same exact way at her age. He would leave the field to chase butterflies. A total space cadet." Yikes, I must have come across as a real b*tch. But true, they are 4-6 years old, and behave accordingly.

But all of a sudden, the kids found their groove, even SS hustled after the ball in a way I have never seen her do before.  The kids began encouraging each other on the field and off (when benched for a rest). Just near the end something beautiful happened. SS came out of nowhere, stole the ball, and kicked it into the opposing team's side.I was holding my phone, but was so blown away that it did not occur to me to press record.  I was on my feet shouting GO SS GO!, as was Coach K (dude went ape sh*t crazy running after SS).  A and I noticed that Team Red Bull parents were also cheering SS on. There's something about a tiny, hopelessly uncoordinated girl that transcends petty rivalries.  It took everything I had not to cry and make a fool out of myself. I was so proud of SS, so  thankful that we were given the opportunity to parent her and have moments like this.

We were then treated to the best way to end a game. N is a very chubby boy, so much that walking is difficult for him, let alone running.  His parents are obviously doing what they can to help with his weight, and the boy does try. N got himself in the mix, stole the ball, and ran his buns off, and that led to the second goal. WOW, we were all on our feet, and his mother was screaming like a banshee (the same as me a few minutes earlier)> But the most precious part was N's reaction, as Coach K came to high five him, N stood frozen, mouth opened, looking at the goal area. He could not believe he scored. As Coach K tried to get his attention for the high five, N put his hand up, never taking his eyes from the goal area. It was priceless. Best game I have ever attended in my life.

SS was on cloud nine, getting high fives all around, and very proud of herself. I don't care if her feet never touch the ball for the remaining games.  I don't care if she chooses to slip into super hero mode, decides to chase butterflies, or helps the opposing team score against her own. Our little girl had her moment, the ones she was not supposed to have. My only regret is that P was not there to watch his baby hustle. He is going to be at next week's game, and I'm sure he will be proud just the same.

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