Sunday, October 28, 2012

SS's first field trip.

Last Tuesday SS went on her first school field trip, to a pumpkin patch. I was astounded at the lack of organization, until Mrs. VP told me it was their first field trip, they have never had the funds. YIKES.

SS patiently waiting to be told what to do next.

Our baby girl about to board a death trap without seat belts school bus for the first time.

Alright, we are here, where's the fun?

Corn angels.

O managed to get the teacher worried when he did not come up for air. I saw Mrs. VP freaking out and just said, "Breathe O, breathe." The boy came up for air immediately. One of SS's classmates told me that she thought she had a kernel in her nose. She was wrong, she had two kernels. Pressing on the good nostril, then blowing out of the plugged one did the trick. No need to dial 911 as one mom suggested. Really? 911? Really?

Listening to the scarecrows.

These two dudes did an amazing show explaining agriculture, and urging kids to stay in school, and go to college. Sadly. it was way too long and prevented the kids from enjoying a mini corn maze.

She had her bag and was ready to pick a mini pumpkin.

And off she went on her own again.

Back from picking her pumpkin.

I just could not get a good picture of these three wiggly worms.

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