Sunday, October 14, 2012

Casual Friday

That was quite a break from posting, but this is the most wonderful time of the year, and we have been distracted with appointments, concerns about SS being ignored at school (more on that later), and the fact that JJ's long awaited visit is not going to happen. P is devastated because Halloween Haunt is a family affair, and he took a week off to enjoy JJ's visit, and for us to reconnect as a family. Our biggest concern now is how to deal with SS, because we opened our big mouths and now she is broken hearted. She really misses her brother, and unlike us, she does not have the capacity to understand the many whys.

We began making medical appointments in July, and are now finally getting closer to perhaps easing some of our issues.  Both P and I had sleep studies and have to return for a second study, using the dreaded (for me) CPAP. I just can't stand anything on my face, even if it is two small tubes providing much needed oxygen. P is game and as long as he can rest, he could not care less about being hooked up to a machine.  Then again, he has not spent as much time as I have hooked up to monitors, machines, and IVs.

My hernia surgery is scheduled for October 30, and I am relieved, nervous, and excited, depending on what's on my mind. During my last appointment with the general surgeon I realized that our appointment palooza took quite a toll on SS's emotional health and security. Had I not made that appointment without P, we would not have realized the extent of her inner turmoil.  There are advantages this time around that I did not have during the previous two surgeries. We will have support that was not available in Northern California, and for that we are grateful. Our main concern is SS's well being, to protect her as much as possible, while not giving in to the appeal of completely insulating her from reality.

But enough about doom and gloom, since it's indeed the most wonderful time of the year, Halloween.  It's going to be our return to Halloween Haunt since 2007. We attended the first year at Great America in 2009, but it was not the same. But even more exciting than our return to paying for the privilege of being scared by monsters, is an SS first. Something we have waited for so long, SS's first visit to Camp Spooky, and it's going to happen in a few hours. We were up at 4 a.m., and no way could we go back to sleep. There are batteries to charge, SD cards to erase, a cooler to load.  We are even dusting our video camera, not used since China, to document this very important milestone. SS has two costumes to choose from, and it looks like she made up her mind last week.  P would rather she wear the other costume, but this is about SS. We are going to take more pictures and video than most people take of their first child's birth. Looking forward to SS's reaction to seeing Count Snoopula.

The good thing about wearing boring uniforms to school is the fun of casual Friday. Even better it's casual Friday in October.  Our skulls and bones loving girl is certainly having fun, and don't tell, but so are her parents. 

First skulls themed outfit, although later SS complained that "It's too pink Mama, and I DON'T like pink."

With her two buddies, K and C, who gave SS a Sea World's Halloween Spooktacular eye patch. Those three are such a riot together.

SS totally loved her skeleton tights, and would have worn just that to school if allowed. She obviously does not fear a visit from the nice county social worker, but we certainly do.

Ready to roll, and all smiles for her daily picture to send Baba. Funny how versatile her sneakers have turned out to be. I almost returned them, because I thought they were too loud. But darn, they have come in so handy, as this outfit clearly shows.

Looks like this is going to be SS's pumpkin patch outfit. 

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