Friday, October 26, 2012

Reconnecting with an old friend.

Sorry about the lack of posts, Abuela was worried about us, so here we are. We are just gearing up to my surgery, appointments, and pre-operation stuff. Then there is the fact that I need to get my house ready for two weeks post op. Need to have SS's uniforms ready (so glad she has two weeks worth), regular clothes, food stored in the freezer, and so many silly little things. As luck would have it, SS has had a rather busy week. She went on her first field trip on Tuesday, karate and karate pictures on Wednesday, and I volunteered in her classroom yesterday. This morning SS participated in the weirdest and shortest costume parade at school. This afternoon we will be attending, and I will volunteer at the school's Fall Harvest Festival. Tomorrow she has a soccer game and soccer pictures.  That's right, school, karate and soccer pictures in one month. Still, we could not say no, the girl is so photogenic, and we should document these firsts. That's our story and we are sticking to it.

Years before SS came home, as when we had disposable income, we bought her one of many Halloween toys. It was sitting at the end of a check out line at Safew@y, on clearance, and we just could not resist. The price was barely $3, but not even that would entice people to take it home, due to it's sheer ugliness. But when we saw it, P and I knew we just had to have it for SS.  We bought him and don't really recall how, but either the cashier or the bagging person asked what we were going to do with it. We stated that it was for our daughter. Weird look on their faces, then a question, how old is your daughter. We explained she was not home yet, but would be about one when we met. Even weirder faces at the thought we would expose a child to such a hideous thing. We said it would either traumatize her, or she would love it, either way it would be memorable. Yeah, those things just fly out of our mouths, yet without malice.

Leave it up to SS to do both.  Initially she was traumatized, and I could have kicked P for exposing her to Albino Hershey Kiss so soon after she came home. But in true SS fashion, after tears and fears, she took charge and would knock AHK down then giggle. We have thought a lot about AHK, but could not recall where he was. Yesterday I found our Halloween bin, and decided to get some decorations up. I could not believe it when I saw AHK! I was so happy. SS had no recollection of him, which leads me to believe that we stored him after that first Halloween home. She played with him, and to my surprise did the same as she did years ago. It's so good to have AHK back, and it is definitely going into SS's memory box. And yes, we are sick freaking creatures.

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