Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A very early Christmas wake up call.

SS really surprised us this year with a very short Christmas list.  She told Munch (her Elf on the Shelf) the first morning she saw him and did not add to it, nor deviated. She requested the green Power Ranger, Thor's Hammer, and a Spiderman web shooter. We were blown away because SS usually unleashes the mother of all lists on us. Every toy she has seen during the year ends up on her list. We added a few things to compliment her requested toys.

Today is Day 1 of P's 11 days of Xmas, that is how many days he will work consecutively. Dude is totally loco. Today was not by choice but he was not upset. However, he did not want to miss seeing SS wake up and walk downstairs with the Chipmunks Christmas Song playing in the background.  The plan was simple, blast the song at 5:00 a.m. through our surround system and watch a cheerful SS come down the stairs. The music began to play, I started the video, and a minute later no sign of SS.  P had to get her out of bed and carry her downstairs. SS was very sleepy and not amused at all. The video is hilarious with her giving The Look.  But once I turned her attention to the gifts her winning smile came through.  We escaped her wrath and are very thankful for the reprieve. Our neighbors are probably less than amused by our early morning loudness.

A priority in the new year is to look for a home, we have outgrown this house, and the small living room is getting on our nerves.  We don't have enough space for a proper tree, let alone the space to sit around it and open presents. 

Gifts? I'll be lenient on you just this time.

Uncharacteristically SS chose the smallest gift first. A green iPod Nano that also plays videos. I downloaded Beyonce's new album, and SS will be rocking to it tomorrow.

Thor's Hammer and P sprung for the electronic version with thunder and lighting.  We added the helmet just because.

That green Power Ranger was very difficult to find, and we are glad we could make it happen.

Batman headphones, because I broke her cool Skull Candy set.

I don't know how, because SS's list was so short, but I somehow turned Thor's hammer into Hulk's fists. I'm incredibly gifted at screwing up like that. As you can see the girl is not complaining.

Grandpa's gift.

We added a Spiderman costume because just wearing a web shooter would be silly. 

Galaxy Tablet for JJ and P, and they both wanted the 7" display.

Blue iPod for me, because my iPhone does not have enough memory to hold my music.

I asked P and JJ to look surprised even though they both knew what they were getting.  I knew I was getting the iPod, but was blown away when P gave me a second gift. I should know better by now, because every time we pledge to get each other just one thing, a small thing, he turns around and does the opposite. I had told P that since my birthday next year is a big one, I'd like a new camera, if we could afford it. P decided that it was time to replace our D60, the camera we bought just before we left for China. I now have a D3200, and it also shoots video. It's going to be sweet having this toy in March. JJ thought I was aware of the gift and thought that my acting skills were superb when I totally lost it. P said that I was more excited than SS was with her gifts. Thank you P, you take really good care of us.

P doing his surprised look, although he ended up looking like he was impersonating Bill Cosby.

In all the excitement SS forgot about the cookies and milk she left for Santa. P left a half eaten cookie with a nice bite mark on it. I told him he risked SS running a DNA test on it, then the charade would be over. Well played P, that was a nice touch.

Abuela's and Abuelo's present. SS later said "Mama my chair is great, and I like to relax."

We need to get SS a blond wig to get the full Thor effect. It was what P wanted her to be for Halloween this year. Maybe next year.

When I told SS that she would get to snorkel for the first time next year she was not impressed and flatly said no. She remembers Honolua Bay, and while she wants to return, she said she will once again sit on our backs while we snorkel. I reminded her that she is now heavier and longer, but SS did not think that would be a problem. Maybe not for her Baba, but it will be for me. We were pleasantly surprised when SS was all over her snorkeling set. Now all we have to do is get her used to it in the tub and see what happens. She will be the cutest snorkeler at Chicken Beach.

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