Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013, you were full of growing pains, but good ones.

This year was full of growing pains for all of us. SS was and is still not happy that I am working. P is his supportive self, but there are those moments that he is incredibly annoyed that I can't blow off work and take care of whatever arises. And I terribly miss SS, but know this is the best for us. When I return to work Thursday I will be in a new unit, solely working on intake. I requested and was granted a 7:00 am to 5:00 pm schedule. Silly but that half hour is about spending time with my SS.

Last Saturday we went on a much needed grocery run.  SS stated that she wanted to walk and it is a positive step towards her independence. 

But she was listening to her music and walking into things, and getting almost plowed by other shopping carts. SS is as loud as it gets with headphones. The looks we got as she belted "It's a quarter after one and I'm a little drunk and I need you now....Oh baby I need you now....." My saving grace was I prayed the people around us thought I was her nanny, not her awful parent who allows such filth in her iPod.

I had to ask SS to hang on to the shopping cart or be placed in it.

 P asked me what I wanted for dinner knowing that I had plans for a home cooked meal. Since he insisted I asked for Cuban food, and there was one barely 20 miles away. We had Mariquitas as an appetizer. Thin plantain slices that were a hit with all of us. We will make those for SS at home.

SS had two beef empanadas, but she wasn't impressed. She LOVES PR empanadillas.

JJ had the Cubano sandwich and we were amused why. JJ has read the Dexter books and has read many accounts laced with Cubano sandwiches.  He was not disappointed.

SS and I shared the arroz con pollo but P's and JJ's forks could not stop digging in. Last time I had arroz con pollo was at a Peruvian restaurant in Chicago, and prior to that was in Old San Juan in PR. Seems we have to be way away from home for me to indulge.  

P could not make up his mind and ordered the sampler. Roasted chicken, breaded steak, shredded beef, oxtail, and roasted pork.

We took 3/4 of our food home, was had no room for postre. Our server returned with a huge strawberry dipped in chocolate for the girl. SS loved it and by the time we made it to our next stop she had chocolate smeared all over her outfit. We had a great time during dinner and look forward to many more as a family.

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