Thursday, December 26, 2013

Perhaps we have been worrying about the wrong things.

Ever had one of those amazing moments when your child does something so innocent, so pure, so giving, so thoughtful, that it leaves you breathless? Those moments that validate parenthood, especially when you do it at my advanced age. At 4:30 this morning I was reliving such a moment with P, while we enjoyed having the bed to ourselves. Yesterday afternoon SS and I were downstairs, and she was playing with her Avengers figures. She lined them up leaned to eye level with them and said "Avengers no fighting today, it's Christmas." I just melted, and wished P was there with me to enjoy such a cute moment. That is the kind you look back on when your baby turns into a hormonal teenage beast. I quickly looked for my phone to text P. Our baby girl gets Xmas, what's important, peace on earth and all that good will stuff. But before I could get my hands on my phone I heard SS's maniacal laughter. She leaned again and said "Nah... Avengers assemble and attack!" And boy did she slay herself with that one. SS was in a fit of laughter for a few minutes. By the way, there is no such thing as attack at the end of that command. We had a great laugh about it, how such a delicate looking girl can be such a brute. Then P made a good observation. Since day one we have been worried about SS, about her first sixteen months of life, about her weight, her health, her speech, her education, and so many other things. Maybe what we should have been worried about is her violent tendencies. SS can be one scary sadist at times. So much for my Xmas miracle.

Seriously, how can such an innocent looking child be capable of anything other than rainbows and puppies? No way could this angelic creature have been orchestrating a massacre.

Just one of the team.

I know I'm the worst videographer ever. I can't wait to take video with my new toy.

See? Don't judge us for the above video's title. 

Why do we indulge SS's love of super heroes? Because there is nothing more beautiful in this world than watching the joy on our baby's face.

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