Saturday, December 07, 2013

And we thought there was no way SS could get any cuter.

And she gets glasses and she's even more cute and adorable. SS was very excited to don her first pair of real glasses. The couple of dozen of sunglasses she has gone through since coming home were not the real thing. This is the big leagues, although she had no idea what that entailed.

Oh my God, I'm gorgeous!

SS already had chosen a case for her glasses, even though we told her she would get one. One can't leave such an important choice to just anyone.

It took three attempts to get the temples to fit. I was not pleased by the person who hindered helped us pick a frame. She spent her time trying to steer SS to the "covered" frames. Even though I made it very clear more than once that it was up to SS to choose a frame, and we would abide by her wishes. I might have looked like la chuzpa, because she would not listen. Instead of focusing on what frame would best fit SS's small face, and almost non existent nose bridge, the hag kept harping about price. She should have kept her nose out of our finances.

Because after three attempts she huffed that the glasses would probably not work because "I had to bend the temples so much that they are going to hurt." REALLY? you freaking idiot, really? I thought it was YOUR job to warn against those possible pitfalls.  Because I know my daughter darn well, and had you noticed that difficulty when she chose that frame, I would have effectively redirected her attention to frames that were more suitable to her petite features. But you were too busy sticking your nose into our wallets to do your job. If the frames do not work, P and I will both be there until it is resolved to our satisfaction.

  SS already had selected a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hard case.

And there's more... Angry Birds croakies that were labeled on the package as "optical lanyards." Fancy.
We are hoping the padding will keep SS's ears  protected, we will see.

SS's firefighter rain boots from last year finally fit, the umbrella was a nice bonus.

iPad therapy.

SS needs serious coaching about wearing real eyeglasses. She has worn sunglasses since she came home and she put them on, took them off as she pleased. We never noticed that she spreads the temples when she puts her sunglasses on.  When she did it with her glasses I thought that was it, broken glasses after 10 minutes.  We are going to work with SS tomorrow about proper eye wear etiquette.  Because anyone who has worn glasses at her age, or has had a child wear them at her age, knows how effective that is. 

We discussed with SS that she needs to wear her glasses full time, but she did not get what that means. Probably out of force of habit from sunglasses she takes them off indoors. I explained that she must wear them all the time, except on the playground, and when she sleeps. The look of dismay on SS's face slayed me. 

I recall how tough it was for me to wear glasses at 10, that it took me 18 years to get another pair. The first pair mysteriously disappeared and I became incredibly adept at squinting.  I was not ready  for the second pair and put it off until I could not see in front of me. I think P started wearing glasses in high school and was a good sport about the whole thing.  I'm really hoping SS is more like her Baba than her Mama. Otherwise it's going to be a rough transition. We are already shopping for SS's spare glasses. 

Now the countdown begins to the post where we discuss SS's broken or lost glasses. 

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