Thursday, December 12, 2013

The things people notice.

A coworker came by my desk to ask if I had a picture of SS wearing her glasses. He is a big fan of SS's super hero worship, and gets a kick out of pictures of SS in her many costumes.  I showed him the first one on the post below and he laughed. D then said "I knew it, she went Clark Kent, and she looks adorable." Of course she's adorable, but what is that about Clark Kent? SS chose her frames because they are orange inside.  So P and I were looking at her and must admit the frames have a Clark Kent likeness to them.  Leave it up to our girl to get her super hero fix on.  Next thing we know SS will be wearing a suit with a Superman costume underneath. As well she should, the girl is quite the trooper and has yet to complain about wearing her glasses full time.  We are not pleased with the frames because they are already uneven, even though SS never fully lays down with them on. They are also sliding down and that is annoying as heck.  We will have to get another visit in to get them adjusted, or look for a frame that better suits her features. 

We were shopping last night and I reminded P that we decided to keep it low key this year.  That made him laugh and he proceeded to remind me how low key it is and will be. We did not decorate and have yet to buy a tree. When we do it will be a small tree. I am working Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas, while P is working from December 24 to January 4 without a day off. He is right, that is as low key as it gets.

Two scrambled eggs topped with a whole avocado, the preferred breakfast of super heroes.

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