Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Getting into the Christmas spirit.

One of the many things I missed about Southern California was the Christmas lights. In the county without milk there were no houses decked out with more than a few lights. We were hoping for better when we moved to  the conservative city, since SS was coming home. Kids love lights and we were hoping to show her extravagant displays. When we read about a cul-de-sac that was the city's joy and pride, a must see on every one's list we bundled up the girl and drove over.  Wow, amazing how people can be so excited about so little.

On Sunday we took SS to Bainbridge Circle where we read families on a cul-de-sac not only deck their homes with lights, but the displays are sync to music.  And since this so cal, where Christmas lights displays abound, if it was talked about that much we would not be disappointed.  SS had a blast and really enjoyed the experience. Good thing she is not epileptic because at times the lights were overwhelming. We felt like we were on a Knott's Scary Farm maze at times. But so worth the drive and walk. And P was a great sport because he picked up a Sunday shift just the day before and was very tired. But he is hell bent on paying for JJ's and SS's birthday gift before the year is over.    

SS jumped in front of a deer and asked for a picture, bringing her favorite parent with her, and covering what she wanted to capture.

She had people laughing when she imitated the abominable snowman, then asked if she was scary. Very scary SS, but not as scary as you will be in about six years.

Some homeowners sit on their driveways people watch, and talk to those walking by.  These couple went a step further, and we were sure SS would want a picture. But our child is full of surprises and said "Nah." Plain old reindeer a hit, abominable creature an even bigger hit, but live Mr. and Mrs. Claus get a nah.

The video is jumpy but you get the idea.

Near the end of this one you will see a group sitting on the drive way.  Only in 70 degree so cal do people need two heaters, a jacket, and sip hot cocoa.

Longer and as shaky, and clearly the reason I am not a cinematographer.


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