Sunday, December 01, 2013

The Great Footie Pajama Crisis.

When SS came home she had a closet full of clothing, and among the things we got her were Carters footie pajamas. SS has rarely worn pajamas that are not Carters, simply because Costco has great deals on them. We live within minutes of a Carters outlet store and Costco still beats their prices. About two weeks ago SS started asking where were her Christmas footie pajamas. SS was serious and very insistent that she should have had then by then. We were a bit surprised by her adamance, it's not like we have failed to get her Xmas PJ's.

After thinking about it we realized that SS's amazing internal clock must be the culprit. Children are lousy time keepers, heck, teenagers are the same.  SS has been quite amazing with time, and it is always a treat. Our first glimpse of SS's time awareness happened the first time P did not come home for lunch.  Once a month he had a safety meeting lunch at work, and SS stood by the door about 12:10 and cried when her Baba did not come home. She is just weird that way, she knows when we are due home and becomes unsettled when we do not come home as planned.

We have not kept track of our PJ purchases, but chances are that SS had her Xmas PJs by now. It's just another side effect of my return to work.  I went to Costco at lunch and was rather teed off when I realized they only carry footie Carters PJs up to size 5T. Then I went to Target because they have Carters PJs in a two pack reasonable price. UGH, like Costco the largest size was 5T.  I went to the boys section and found something that would hopefully calm our rabid girl down.

SS loved her Spiderman PJs but quickly reminded me that while cool, she still did not have Xmas PJs. We had no idea it was so important to her.  I am not a Black Friday shopper, hate crowds, and hate even more how people turn into animals over a stupid TV or whatever item they are willing to hurt another person about. But yesterday I knew I had to brave the crowds and get my girl her footie PJs. Initially I could not find anything other than 5T and I was upset. Thankfully JJ spotted a couple of 6T, and we ran with them.  SS has three footie PJs from Carters. JJ asked me what was the big deal about Carters PJs. No big deal, but like SS has had Chucks in every size since she came home, she has always worn Carters PJs. One of those stupid things we do as parents. Like how JJ used Playtex bottles and Huggies, and so did SS. Parents are just weird that way.

We then went to The Children's Place and scored two footie PJs for SS. One to wear this year, and one for next year.  Because I sure as hell do not want a repeat of The Great Footie Pajama Crisis of 2013.

One of the things on SS's I,m upset list was that she did not have new PJs with cute feet. JJ spotted this cute Penguin footed PJs, and made his sister's day. It was an interesting shopping trip with JJ pointing out that I have not changed much in my second round of parenting. When I asked what he meant, he shrugged and said that I am still all about the kid getting her needs met, but not thinking about myself. JJ, that is parenthood, it's what Mami did for me, it's what I know. Somehow P got it, and we are both wondering how. For the record, we are not saying it's the best way, it's just how we operate.

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