Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mi Burrito Sabanero

On Friday the first graders treated the school and parents to two Christmas songs.  SS told us excitedly during dinner a few days before the event.  I asked her what songs and when she told me I could not believe it. I started singing one of the songs and SS was in shock that I knew it. The best part is that it was my Friday off and I did not have to worry about requesting the time.  That morning was unusually cold, about thirty degrees and SS needed something warm, since flag day is always held outside.  The multipurpose room is not large enough to accommodate all students and parents.  I immediately thought that the purple coat the grandmothers gave SS would be perfect, but could not find it.  That is when I learned that SS wore it to school and it never made it home, like the many others she has lost. When she returns to school next year we are going to have to dig through the lost and found and hopefully find it. 

SS's Santa hat has been on the sofa table for about a month, but of course it went MIA Friday morning.  I was very annoyed because we did not have the time to stop by the store. When we arrived I saw M, one of the mom's from last year and her cute three year old daughter was wearing a Santa hat.  I asked her if she thought little M would part with the hat just while SS sang. M just yanked it off her daughter's head and handed it to me. Cracked me up, but little M was not amused.  Wearing a hat was not part of SS's plan and she was a sour puss about it.  Just look at the picture below.  I asked her to do it as a favor to me, but when I saw tears I kicked myself for being so dense. I took the hat off and apologized.  I did not want our baby unhappy and ruin her performance.  P then asked me to take off her glasses because SS looked like a sad Blues Brother.  SS did very well with her singing and hand gestures. We are very proud of our baby.

This is the second song they performed but I placed the video first as a treat to Abuela and Abuelo, who are the only people other than me that will recognize this song. A relative gave me La Rondallita album when I was ten, and it included this song.

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