Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Baba saves the day again.

Apple products are not the most user friendly. P and JJ turned on their Android tablets, synced their music and were done in minutes. The iPods were as easy to sync as the iPad and the iPod Shuffle, an insufferable PITA. By the time P came home from work with visions of wasabi and garlic crusted prime rib for dinner, SS was in tears because she wanted her iPod. After all it's not like the poor child could entertain herself with something else.

I am grateful that this is Day 1, because P sighed and got to work on why freaking iTunes would not recognize even my iPod, let alone sync. And he got them recognized and synced for his girl. SS happily donned her Batman Dark Knight Rises headphones and kicked back to watch Beyonce's video for Blue. What could have become SS's Christmas tragedy was averted.

Our baby is happily singing out of tune, and not showing signs of tiredness after being awake for almost 16 hours. P and I are more than ready to call it a night. Payback is indeed a word that rhymes with witch.

Merry Christmas!

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