Monday, March 31, 2014

Go Angels!

They have their hats, shirts, and cups, ready to watch the first Angels game of the season. SS went for the strong stuff, a virgin screwdriver to kick off the season on the right note. Who says you need a child with a penis to bond over sports? P has been searching for the steakhouse where Mike Trout had his celebratory steak. My husband is a man on a mission and he wants one of those slabs of mammal flesh. I did not have the heart to point out to P that he did not sign a $145 million contract. Because around here P IS a star. 

August 2008, almost six years of keeping Baba company and still an Angels fan. P loves their matching socks, need to get them another matching pair.

Of course Rally Monkey was part of our night. He was kept out of the top picture because we were trying to go for that back when photo op. SS fell asleep one hour after her bedtime (it was a special occasion) with her Angels gear on, and is now in sleepland, snuggled with Rally Monkey.

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