Thursday, December 03, 2009

Cute little girl with the cream puff.

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In P's hand silly. SS inhaled two puffs very fast, and they were cold. SS witnessed Mama shearing Baba's mane for the first time. She responded well, and when I jokingly asked if it was her turn, she said "YEAH!" We are storing the clippers way beyond her reach.


Brenda said...

Looks like Costco to me! K - they had those capris today for $12.99 at my Costco! Only problem - just small sizes. Sucks.

2china4S said...

It is indeed the $100 store. Funny how their prices fluctuate from one location to another.

Michelle said...

Joe shaved his head(for the first time) this week too! Is it something in the air?

I love those cream puffs but I don't buy them or I would eat the whole box.