Wednesday, December 09, 2009

So comforting when your doctor tells you he is no good at whatever ails you.

This afternoon I had an appointment with my surgeon. It appears that the goal of these appointments is to verify that I am breathing. I get nothing out of being there. My main problem now is that darn infection and the retreated stoma. Dr. G did not even noticed the stoma. He winced when he saw the redness and its diameter, then stated "Oh, I'm no good at that. Your ostomy nurses should be able to get it to clear." It just so happens that my very capable, experienced nurse is at her wit's end. I have to take a deep breath and just accept that it is going to constantly hurt, and there isn't a *&^%$&**&^%#%^&*$&A&^@&@^ thing that can be done about it. Acceptance is going to be a slow process.

Dr. G said I could have the reversal in a couple of months, but that it would help if I lost twenty pounds. I was tempted to ask him to loose the weight with me. P said that for someone with his girth, Dr. G surely threw around losing 20 pounds in two months like is something so easy. Again, I will get on my elliptical and recumbent bike if he joins me in the weight loss effort. It can only benefit us both.

SS woke up at five this morning, did not go back to sleep after P left for work, and did not nap. She fell asleep during the drive to the doctor's office, but woke up when P removed her from her carseat. She was exhausted and in fine form at the doctor's office. She was bouncing off the walls like Robin Williams on meth. SS was whiny, oppositional, hypersensitive and LOUD. She was screaming for no reason. P can't deal with public screaming, it just discombobulates him. Poor guy has a lot of suffering ahead of him. He is more prone to public embarrassment than me, and I am as bad as it gets. But when it comes to kids, we all have to go through those magical moments of personal growth.

SS went down for a nap at 3:00 p.m. and I woke her up at 5:00 p.m. She was miserable. Her crying was not the whiny type, but the "I can't keep my eyes open" type. In a fit of pure selfishness, I wanted her awake because I am hurting and not looking forward to be up all night with the life of the party. Reality bitch slapped me, and we changed SS into her PJs and placed her back in her crib. When she heard P on the computer with Nana, she forgot all about sleeping. We are hoping she sleeps tonight. Right now she is in the midst of her second wind, the hurricane gusts wind kind.

This coat is one of the first things we purchased for SS (about 4 years ago). Wish it was a size or two larger. She looks absolutely adorable, but has only worn it a handful of times. :( Last year we had a heck of a time getting anything long sleeve on SS. She is doing much better this year.

Always fun to get a look at my wife's guts.

Ms. Bossy telling Mama to lay down. P weighed SS, quite a task, since SS won't stand still. She is between 27-28 pounds. We have recently noticed that it takes a lot more effort to lift her up.

Great, now she has me tilting my head.


Michelle said...

Doctors really piss me off sometimes. You should NOT have to accept the fact that you have to be in pain. They should do something to help you! Last week I went to a Dr. who was also not exactly thin and he sang the praises of the Lap Band to me for 5 minutes. You would have thought the dude was selling them or something. Finally he saw the glazed look in my eyes and he shut the Hell up. I don’t even qualify for the Lap Band. I Googled it. Doctors suck.

Anonymous said...

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