Wednesday, December 02, 2009

So many choices for pretend play.

But this is what rocks SS's boat. A long time ago, a friend made an observation about our children (P and mine, then and in the future). She said they could be anything they set their minds to be, except normal. She nailed that one.

Proudly showing her wound. Wish I healed as well as SS. The best part was when P changed SS's diaper. He was not gentle enough and SS protested "Ouch, wound, ouch." Such an over the top Drama Queen. Adolescence is going to be quite a challenge

Sticking out her belly, a stark contrast to its concave form when we met.

P's nightstand. The playpen is on my side of the bed, we use this side for my changes. SS considers it as just another play area.

Random stuff in bullets:
  • November was National Adoption Month and we did not post about something so dear to us. We were aware, just did not think much about it. It's fascinating how SS is such a part of us, like her brother is a part of us. When we look at them we see a son and a daughter, not how we became their parents.
  • Cars (the real ones) are an important part of SS's world. It began when JJ left in October (after our weekend in San Jose). SS would ask for JJ, answer that he went to his house (nothing new there), then point out that he went in his car. Her new mantra is, "JJ in house, JJ's car, back home." JJ went to his house, in his car. He is coming back home. When she talks about Baba going to work, she must say that he went in his car. SS talks about JJ's car and Baba's car. I do not have a car, my van is "SS's car."
  • JJ's last visit had an enormous effect on SS's behavior. There was a lot going on those two days. It took a few days after JJ left for us to notice those changes. Most important, SS stopped hitting P. It happened JJ's first day here. She is a lot less aggressive and does not lash out at us. SS seems to have accepted that the only other constant in her life leaves (for longer periods than Baba), but she trusts that he returns.
  • SS points to herself and says "Me S."
  • My incision healed a lot these past few days. Three quarters of the middle is now even with the rest of my skin, only a little bit at the top is bleeding. It only hurts when I do something I should not be doing. Ugliest scar I have ever see and will ever see, it's HUGE. Of course insurance does not cover cosmetic surgery to get rid of that monstrosity. It's not like I'm requesting butt implants.
  • The colostomy has been a constant problem. The anti-fungal med did not get rid of the yeast infection. Then there's the surrounding skin's very bad irritation, and bleeding. I feel that awful burn even after taking two Norcos. This morning Nurse V informed me that surgery to retrieve the stoma is not an option for me. That means that the raw flesh rim will remain until the reversal. This translates into constant pain for the next 3-4 months. Hard to believe that nothing can be done. I can only take so much intense pain.
  • SS got a very quick glimpse of Mickey Mouse on the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. She is now obsessed with that no talent creature.
  • The bill for my surgery was very reasonable, a little bit over $4,800.00. We expected so much more. Regarding the hospital bill, we wonder how much more if they actually fed me that week.
  • My last day using the Wound Vac was November 20. That day I received a call from Apria, inquiring what supplies I needed. I requested that they come and get the appliance. The darn thing is still here. Rather ironic, because that same appliance delayed my discharge from the hospital. It all came down to whether my insurance requested a $600 monthly copay. When P realized I had been held hostage for over 24 hours over that, he provided his credit card number and thankfully got me home. A total waste of time because we had already met our out of pocket max.
  • I really miss cooking with SS. I must be loosing it; or maybe that ship sailed a long time ago.
Using her right hand, a rare occurrence.

Now it's Snoopy's turn to eat.

SS did a really good job.

JJ brings ducks to add to SS's collection. These ones came the weekend of our San Jose trip. I wonder if he can find a sailor, a biker, a cowboy, a construction worker, and an Indian. SS's Duck Village People.

These joined our household last visit.

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Anonymous said...

Good post Hon. I can't believe how much you covered in a single post. You've been a trooper in terms of everything that's happened over the last month and a half. I know the colostomy isn't making things better, but you've been through worse and it will get better.