Thursday, December 03, 2009

More baby steps.

Nurse V started me on a fourteen day course of Lamisil, to try to end the yeast infection that won't die. The skin I erroneously called just irritated is actually very much infected. Hoping Dr. G can come up with a solution next week. My incision has been a constant bearer of good news. As I near the last stage of healing, she changed part of the dressing. Hoping to be sans dressing next week. Nurse V was amused to find that she had two patients to look after, even though she was paid for one. Good thing SS is so darn cute and milked the pain angle like Nurse V had never seen before. Wonder if we should be worried about that.

We met Baba at C0$tco for lunch, our first time since my detour into bowel hell. Sounds silly, but little things like that make such a difference. We went to Wally Mart, and SS could not stop reminding me, "Mama, SS hot dog Baba. Baba's car." Since I am the only household member without a car, maybe Santa would take pity on me and bring one for Christmas. I can't depend on SS all the time. That is two baby steps we took today.

Decisions, decisions. P has been telling me for a while that we are very close to be forced to place SS's carseat forward facing. I am avoiding that decision, because the statistics are very clear that 35 pounds is the optimum weight for that change. Carseat techs wait until that magic number, even those with Asian children. SS must have stretched quite a bit, although her last Dr. appointment did not reflect much change. P is right, her legs are too long. She could sit Indian style (sorry if not PC), but we can't make her. I am too concerned about broken vertebra(e) to be onboard.

Another baby step:

Finally a reward amidst all the pain. I can resume lifting my Guardian Angel.

SS is happy to be back into some sort of routine. I am so happy to have my little helper by my side. I enjoy spending time with P, but this is our thing. We have lunch with Baba, then SS and Mama take care of the groceries.

SS loves leaves, but yellow leaves are the best, because lots of them end up on the ground.

I shamelessly swiped this idea from another blogging Mama (her pictures of her twins are professional quality). P said it's one of my best pictures. That is sad, because it was taken with my point and shoot, was done on a whim, and SS was all over the place. No idea how I managed to get her still.

And another one:

Look who's back on kitchen duty. I'm still sluggish, but it felt so good to see SS so excited about cooking again.

SS prefers freshly grated Parmesan.

For our upcoming F00d Network Show, The Wounded Cooks.

Chef S still has it.

We do not have a picture of the last baby step of the day. P just placed SS in her crib. That's right, our bed guest has returned to her own digs. If she wakes up screaming in the middle of the night, I'm capable of scooping her up. Why does that prospect feel so good?


Michelle said...

You look great K! I'm so glad you are able to be ip and around more. Do you know when the reversal will be yet? I want to come see you but don't want to impose on you before you are ready. I'll email you. So good to see these pictures!

2china4S said...

Thanks Michelle! I'm glad someone noticed our very inappropriate midriff picture. :)

I'll wait for your e-mail and provide more details there. But in case others are wondering (that is, our other two readers), the reversal is at least three months away. I am still not fully recuperated and that is the most important part. We are still struggling with the colostomy part. The infection alone has prevented me from getting a pneumonia shot. The incision, while making progress is still open and not fully healed.

I already told P that I will not have surgery in March. No way will I further ruin the kids' birthdays. P thinks the choice may not be entirely up to me. Well, they need my body on the operating table, so I do have some pull.

Imposing? Get real, we are all looking forward to meeting you and Joe.