Friday, December 25, 2009

Feliz Navidad

We did not wrap many gifts this year. This is what SS woke up to..

The easel was purchased a few years before she came home. Wish I could say we are done with purchased in advance gifts, but there are a few still around. :)

The Grandmothers sent SS a LOT of gifts and all of them were very much appreciated by SS. Our girl was very excited about having her own kitchen. SS also quickly proved that she is Mama's daughter. She placed an ice cream cone in the microwave and a slice of cheese (all fake food of course) on the stove top, THEN turned on the range. Gosh, she makes me so proud.

Look Mama, this is called a spatula. It is an item SS recognizes because she has a fondness for scrambled eggs.

We have always been aware of how observant SS is, but is the little things she did that cracked us up. When I am in a big hurry to get SS's hair done (and she has bad bed head), I forgo the spray bottle and just wet my hands under the kitchen faucet. I then comb my hands through her hair, enough to get a pony tail on. As soon as SS saw the faucet she pretended to get her hands wet, and insisted on combing our hair. Even buzzed cut P's hair.

Also from the Grandmothers, a shopping cart for SS to hone her shopping skills.

Told you pizza is nutritious. Otherwise why would they include it in a kid's toy? SS was really excited about the food boxes that came with the cart. It consisted of pizza, chocolate chip cookies, a Twinkies like item, popcorn, waffles, and pretzels. The last item was laundry detergent, to get all those stains out of her clothing.

Further proof that there is a grandmothers conspiracy. SS insisted that she needed a baby for her cart. UGH. Being Christmas and all I was obligated to get SS's "baby" (from the Abus) from its banishment, I mean secret location (the closet).

It seems that like her Mama, SS is destined to have an ethnic womb. Or we could claim it is simply recessive genes and her baby has her Grandfather P's eyes.

This horrific display of domesticity (just kidding) brought upon a tender moment for us. SS pulled her cart over to the kitchen and said "Here Baby, cooking." Just what we usually say to her when we pull her step stool up to the kitchen counter. It's a relief that she does not see it as child slavery but actual parenting.

Mickey D's food again from the Grandmothers. To make things easier, only the easel, three food baskets wrapped behind SS and the medical kit were from us.

SS is only familiar with sausage McMuff*ns ( I do not eat the sausage, SS loves the stuff by itself), and the French fries. SS can polish a large order without a problem. P has tried to introduce her to the nuggets (his guilty pleasure), but she does not like them. I think her first Happy Me@l is in her near future. SS is now fully aware of their menu.

Since SS has a penchant for coloring, albeit with a lack of talent, she received A LOT of coloring things. The best part is that the markers only work on special paper. No worries about stained clothing or spontaneous and unauthorized wall murals. SS was very excited and obviously felt like a big girl. *Sniff*

The kaleidoscope was a hoot. SS closed the eye she was using to look through it. It took her a while to get the hang of it.

Cutest thing I have ever seen in a smock.

SS is very hostile towards the poor individuals who are assigned to take my vitals. She is openly homicidal towards those assigned to take hers. We are hoping this eases her anxiety and is useful to prepare her for my upcoming (gulp) reversal surgery.

YES! It has a helicopter (with its helipad), an airplane (and runway), trucks, cars, a boat, and a train. Plus all the paraphernalia needed to get them all to work. P wants me to add that it has a crane to lift cargo, a tunnel for cars, two bridges, fire and police stations and a construction company building (with a tractor) and anything SS needs to drive us up the wall counting toys. The pieces can be stored under the table and it has a reversible top. That will become our table (Japanese style) if desperately needed.

We were freaking exhausted by the end of presents time. The scary part is that SS still has Grandpa's, the Abus' and the cousins' gifts. We cannot fit another toy in this tiny place.

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