Friday, December 04, 2009

SS's first Christmas gifts have arrived.

When P arrived home from lunch he beckoned me outside, without SS. The stealthy FedEx guy had dropped off two boxes and a bag for SS from the Grandmothers. I did not hear a thing. It worked well, because P was able to place them in the garage without Nosy McNosy's knowledge. Now all we have to do is figure out where it is going to fit. This place is bursting with toys. An intervention needs to take place after Xmas.

We are beyond behind with our Xmas shopping and decorating. So far Baby H is the only person off our list. The embarrassing part is that we do not go all out decorating. We are planning to get a small tree this weekend.

What's in the boxes? Can't tell until Christmas day. We will divulge that it is something we would never purchase for SS, based on principle. Very convenient to shift culpability elsewhere. We do know that SS is going to love her presents, and actually use them, unlike the many toys we should toss awaybecause they are never touched.

SS has lately rediscovered (she does that a lot) this giraffe visor (from Aunt Court and family). When she puts in on, she says "cowboy." We don't get the connection but I'm sure SS has a perfect explanation. Probably as perfect as my Gary Powers moment. You know... Have a nice day... Gary Powers. If ANYONE (P does not count) gets that, lunch's on me. Because it will make me feel so much less weird.

Nurse P hard at work. The cost for one Home Health care Nurse visit is $350. If P was compensated for every dressing change, plus private nurse duty, we would be debt free. :) And he does a far superior job. Oh, and I get to look at a handsome face and touch him inappropriately.


Brenda said...

That would be U2! And I have a personal connection to all things stealth....

2china4S said...

Thank you Brenda! I had a very embarrassing moment during an undergrad abnormal psych lecture in a hall with 300 students. The professor was relating an exchange he had with a psych patient. Prof said have a good day, and patient answered Gary Powers. I was half listening, half thinking about my upcoming trip to see P (I was in So Cal, he in Nor Cal then), and blurted out "YOU TOO!" Yep, you got the U2. Thanks for making me feel less weird. :) I do owe you lunch. Would you like that in Martinis or real food?

P.S. The professor asked me if I was an aviation buff. Not in the least. Still do not know why that useless piece of information was floating in my brain (given my age).