Saturday, December 05, 2009

Christmas Parade

In October, we had the opportunity to experience SS's return to the Pumpkin Patch. We did not think about it at the time, but it was a first. The first repeat annual activity with SS. I just realized that I never posted about that first visit. OOPS, something to work on later. Trust us when we say that there was a big difference in SS from last year's venture and this year.

At the risk of over stimulating again, we took SS to her second Christmas Parade. P staked out a spot for us, and placed our chairs hours before the start. This afforded us the opportunity to arrive minutes before the parade started. It was not as cold as last year, but it was breezy. I had originally planned to bring my hooded sweatshirt, but it needed to be washed. I am so glad it was dirty, because I would have frozen my assets off. P had the presence of mind to buy me a replacement for my tattered shearling boots, and it was another great idea. My feet get cold easily and I would have been very uncomfortable.

We were unable to find another fleece outfit for SS. The largest size available was 12-18 months, the same size she was wearing. We added her thermal PJs for extra warmth (the legs were high water), and a ski cap to make up for the small hoodie. SS had a great time and even got her Halloween fix when the Grim Reaper made an appearance.

I wrote about how low budget the parade was last year. This year they had no budget. If you showed up, you were part of the parade. SS enjoy the usual array of goats and other farm animals, ATVs, farm vehicles, bands and lights. Out very enthusiastic cheerleader applauded her little hands off. The music was by her her favorite part, followed by the lights.

For last year's parade click here and here. Make sure to watch the Michelin Baby video. Rats, it looks like Part 2 post is MIA. Have to figure out what happened. We could not have a repeat of an over bundled SS waddling around, but we had a lot of fun. So cool to see the changes in the last year. Now I'm off to look for that post.

Why did we bring 64 ounces of cold soda when we were so cold?

Once again, her hands were bundled up, but that did not our SS from chowing down.

SS is not yet clear on the concept of flying reindeer.

We see batons in SS's future, as well as bruises, and lots of broken things around the house.

Some teenage girls were walking next to a float, each carrying two stuffed animals. One young lady took one look at SS and just gave her this bunny. We were seating next to the radio broadcasters. Debbie (I think that's her name), the radio personality said "She just gave the little girl her bunny!" Debbie was quite taken with SS, and said her name on the air too many times for our comfort.

SS was amused by Elvis. We are surprised she did not grab his microphone and showed him how it's done.

WOW, lighted wind section.

Choo choo train.

No Christmas parade is complete without the Grim Reaper. SS excitedly shouted "Halloween, Halloween!" So much for understanding that Halloween is a once a year event.

Sad to say this wheelie was the most exciting part.

SS got her train fix.

Pretty impressed how P managed to get our chairs and comforter on the tiny stroller.

We kept SS in her mittens and hat for a while. Good thing she had her PJs on and was ready for bed.


Brenda said...

Such good parents! I would just rather drink lye than sit through a parade - in the freezin' cold, no less. Looks like you guys really did have a good time.

2china4S said...


Not sure about the good parent part, we just try. It helped that P staked out a spot 6 hours before the parade started, so we waltzed right in.

Hopefully SS will look at the pictures and see it as a good thing. She could also complain about the cruelty of being out in the cold. We never know with kids, until they grow up. :) So far JJ has not complained about Black's Beach when he was 12 (we were fully clothed), or being the only kid with hetero parents at the Gay Weekend Stand Up Comedy show. We'll have to post about that later.

Dawn S. said...

Great pictures!