Tuesday, December 22, 2009

These pre-celebrations are not bad at all.

Thanksgiving was our first real try out, we liked it, so we did it again today. We exchanged Christmas gifts with JJ this evening, and we had our usual prime rib Christmas dinner. It is so much less stressful that we might write off all Holidays from now on, it's better to get them out of the way on our terms. Part of getting older is getting needs instead of wants. P and I added to JJ's wardrobe, just practical stuff. Evil parents that we are, we left his good gift for last. :) Now all three of us have the same Netbook, and JJ is not tied to his desktop at his place.

The best gift for us was JJ's presence. I am still feeling poorly and JJ once again came through for us. I was afforded the opportunity to neglect my second born, knowing my first born was taking very good care of her. Ha, take that conventional people. ;) Just kidding, don't flame us. JJ picked up after his sister, entertained her when Mama was in serious pain, and thankfully kept her from that first ER visit (SS has discovered somersaults). Dude even cleaned the refrigerator.

P went to work literally before the crack of dawn. When he told me yesterday that he had to work today I was clearly disappointed. P told me that he would be going in early and home as soon as he could. That usually means 4:30-5:00 a.m. When he kissed me goodbye it was still dark outside. No big deal, with DST. I recall the kiss, and going right back to sleep (another rarity unless I'm ill). I woke up later and it was still dark, looked at the time and it was 3:30 a.m. I thought the cable box was off (only numbers I can see without glasses), so I looked at my phone, same time. I was confused and opened my netbook (we do not have a bedside clock, only to see the same early time. P was at work by 3:00 a.m., so he could make it home by 11:00 a.m.

Somehow JJ knew that we would not get around to get a tree. Like he said, "Seriously Mom, where were you planning to fit a tree? This place is all toys." Hey, I never claimed to be spatially savvy. Anyway, JJ brought us a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. We were still pretending to make an effort until we saw that tree. P said, "Problem solved, it's a classic. You are not feeling well, and I am not in the mood to drag a tree in here. We had a tree last year, SS's first Christmas home" Notice the lack of awareness on P's part about the glaring lack of space. Maybe SS will take after her brother.

Although the visit was too brief for us, we were together, we shared and we laughed. That is what Christmas is about, and we hope SS remembers that always.

SS picked up the first gift she saw and decided it was hers. She managed to rip a piece of the wrapping.

Best present evah.

It's versatile, practical, good for every occasion, and goes with everything.

Finally, why did JJ get to open his first?

SS's new favorite towel.

When P saw this he stated, "Good job JJ, your Mom has been hinting about a good set of salad bowls for a couple of years." The man obviously listens, what the heck happens when he makes it to the store or is looking Online? Since it was Sn00py wrapping paper, SS claimed it as her own.

Here Baba, I'll let you share my gift. SS got her grubby little hands on every gift.

Yeah, more violent video games!

OK JJ, since you have not been 2-years old in a while, you need a refresher course. You are supposed to share, especially with your adorable little sister. Rumor has it that I will also be your only sister, even more reason to share.

This is the exact spot where our tree was supposed to be placed. You will see in a few days why it needed to remain bare. We did not know that JJ was also a head tilt(er).

JJ has been drawing cartoons since he was in first grade. He stopped for a while and is now back into refining a previous comic strip he created. He draws, scans, then enhances digitally. Part of this gift was pure selfishness on our part. Now JJ can bring his work with him.

As much as the attachment precautions were and are still necessary, we are happy that SS has someone other than Mama and Baba to be this close to.

I'm keeping JJ, he is the most comfortable chair I've ever had.

Hey guys, I can't see!

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