Thursday, December 31, 2009

We are SO glad to ring the end of this year...

So glad that we did not wait for midnight. We Skyped with P's family early in the evening and then just went to bed. P's sister Court, brother in-law Matt, niece Bel and nephew Holden were leaving Southern California early the next day (driving to Missouri). We really wanted the girls to see each other in real time. They did as well as any two year old would. SS was fascinated with her baby cousin. At times like that it reminds us that she spent 15 months constantly surrounded by many children. We have no idea how many were younger, but based on SS's reaction, we bet there were quite a few.

Obviously the highlight of 2009 was spending an entire year with our second born. We initially thought about doing a looking back post, then realized we would be pathetic blubbering messes at the end. We have been blessed with the opportunity to witness Baby S morph into (toddler) SS. We miss the baby parts gone, but cherish those moments. My surgery certainly affected our mood, energy level and put a damper on the celebrations. But through it all, even at the worst of it, we were constantly reminded that we are indeed blessed. We have JJ and SS and they are both healthy. Now let's move on to 2010 and the many more changes we will see our SS go through.

SS gladly took on the role of Baby 2010. It helps that she looks so darn cute in diapers.

Our little lady also modeled two of her pretty dresses. Too bad we did not attend P's company Christmas dinner.

Wishing everyone a 2010 filled with endless blessings and joy!

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