Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Buckingham Fountain

I neglected to mention that on Sunday we sort of had brunch with the family. Sort of because SS had a very difficult time waking up, we thought we would be fashionably late, but ended up being rudely late. We were mortified but waking up SS before her time is a dangerous endeavor. We thought she was going to show everyone at brunch what a tornado of anger she can be, but SS is a pro at making liars out of us.

The little cousins had departed early in the morning since they had an eight hour drive to Missouri. Female Cousin K, husband and son were not there, but Cousin K, L, Cousin M, R, CG (the bride), Uncle J, Aunt M, Nana and Grand Min were there. CG's uncle came to say his goodbyes (her relatives were there as well) and said to SS "Here's the dancer, see you on American Idol." P and I had the same thought, that man has obviously never heard our daughter sing. SS is cute, an awesome dancer and music does course through her veins, but she can't sing.

Cousin M unwittingly provided us with laughter that lasted through our drive to Chicago. He told P, "I was surprised with you guys. You danced SO MUCH!" First, my husband and my children dance, they are good dancers. I can't dance worth jack, just look like I'm having a seizure. Second, what is with the SO MUCH? P noted that Cousin M has always seen him as the oldest of the paternal cousins (they have lots of cousins on their maternal side) and since he is older than thirty, Cousin M considers him past his prime. That cracked me up to no end. P is only 34 years old, a youngin. I teased P that he probably ruined the reception for Cousin M who spent time worrying about P fracturing a hip due to his advanced age.

Now back to Chicago on Sunday. After the Navy Pier we headed to Buckingham Fountain. Most people recognize it from the intro to the show Married with Children (I never watched the show). We chose to go at night because they have a 20 minute water show to music at the top of every hour. Since SS is a water girl we thought she would enjoy it. SS had water on her mind but she wanted to be in it. She asked for her bathing suit, she asked to be allowed in the fountain to swim, and spent 20 minutes whining about swimming. You know, since the child hardly ever gets the opportunity to be in water. P made a good call to have a stress free Monday because the trip was beginning to take its toll on SS. Her requests to come home were becoming more frequent.

During the drive to the fountain we saw the Museum of Science and Industry, and P remarked that it was the building in the movie Flatliners. That movie came out 20 years ago, I saw it, I remember the plot, but the heck if I would recognize the darn building. BTW, he was right, it was the building in that movie.

We kicked SS out of our bed the last three nights there. She had her own bed Friday and Saturday, and P requested a pull out sofa for our last night in Chicago. I was very nervous about having SS so close to the door. The chairs and sofa cushions came in handy to keep SS from falling off the bed. We all rested better with this arrangement.

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