Sunday, August 01, 2010

Navy Pier

We are back in Chicago and getting ready to return home. This has been a very stressful trip for us, mainly of our doing. By the time we made it to Iowa we were tired and those two days did not help. We had a lot of fun at the reception but we are paying for all that fun now. I had another bad night and P ended up with his legs wrapped around mine and a tight grip around my waist. I think I'm going have to schedule a doctor's appointment (mean P is making me) but know there is not much that can be done about my sleeping problems. I had a sleep study five years ago and the tech told me that in fifteen years of watching people not sleep she had never seen anyone trash around like me. What can I say, I excel at everything that is not good for me. The neurologist told us I had less than 1% REM sleep. Therein lies the problem, not enough restful sleep. At the time I was trying to regain mobility on the left side of my body and my doctor had me on some heavy duty meds for a year. He would joke that he gave me enough to put an NFL linebacker out and I was still up and about. So meds are not an option for me. I used to take sleep deprivation well, but ever since SS came home I have become a wimp. Before then I could be up all night then go to work and not miss a beat. Now I am home doing nothing, just looking after a toddler and I am a freaking wreck.

Today SS had her first Ferris Wheel ride and she did it in style at the Navy Pier. We though she was going to be intimidated by the size of the wheel, but since it moves so slow she did well. I did not do as well because SS was moving around and my neurotic side kicked into high gear. I think P was ready to push me out of the gondola. He was a bit disappointed that it wasn't an actual ride, it just goes around once, but SS did not know the difference. It was also the most expensive Ferris Wheel ride we have ever taken. And of course we had to get the souvenir picture for SS. I will scan it when we get home.

Navy Pier is huge, Fisherman's Wharf pales in comparison. We walked the length of the pier and then it was time to go. As we we were walking back to the car P made an executive decision. We have had a blast sightseeing here, but traffic and parking are a nightmare. We planned on visiting Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) tomorrow, since our flight departs at 5:00 p.m. But neither one of us was excited at the prospect of returning to the city. I am glad P gave me an out, I had not protested about going because I did not want to ruin it for him. But it looks like we are getting too old for endless wondering around. We are going to take it easy, let SS sleep in and do some shopping before driving to the airport. We arrive home at 10:00 p.m., then a five hour drive, and P has to work Tuesday.

Our first Chicago dog (SS had mini corn dogs). I asked for no onions 3 freaking times and we still got onions. P returned his and they screwed up his order a second time. I figured that eating raw onions once was not going to affect me adversely. I am a coward when it comes to hot things and the peppers were HOT. I almost drank my large soda in one gulp and the heat lingered for a while.

SS wanted a picture with the pirate but did not want to stand in front of it alone. Check out her pirate impression.

Now this we had not seen before. We wonder if they would make a blue margarita snow cone.

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