Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We have to stop eating so much.

We have to stop this eating tour, our plan was to come here, spend as much time at the beach as possible, and attend a Luau (it will be JJ's and SS's first). Those are pretty simple plans right? Then why have we ended up spending as much time eating out as we have at the beach? After our return from Honolua Bay and Nakalele Blowhole, Grandpa treated us to dinner at Da Kitchen. I am so going to need two seats on the flight back, I have already gained 5 pounds, which is shameful because I have not been here that long.

On a positive note, JJ and SS are digging into Hawaiian cuisine with gusto, making Grandpa a very proud man. P and I are simply pleased that they are enjoying themselves and are not gastronomic cowards. They are eating things they have not had before and loving every bite. SS surprised us by loving the broth from P's clams over linguine.

When we are all in the car Grandpa drives, JJ sits next to him, and P and I squeeze next to SS. Man, we love her Britax, it is why it made it to NY, PR, Chicago and now here. As much as P loathes carrying crap around, he is not willing to rent a carseat for SS. Even if we could rent a Britax, he is not fond of his daughter using a carseat other kids have used. That being said, it takes a heck of a lot of space, so the squeezing thing is not an exaggeration. This situation is making SS very upset because we are violating the edict she handed down the day we met; Baba is not to touch Mama at any point.

We usually indulge SS, especially on the few occasions when we are away from home. But this arrangement is non negotiable and we will not tolerate her whining. So we had a talk with her that went along the lines of ... "Listen Missy, the best thing about our decision not to have a bio child other than you is that sex for us is purely for recreational purposes. We love you so much and know you will never understand until when and if you have a child. But as much as we love you we are not going to allow you to take our recreation away. Got it?"

To drive the point home, we moved SS's bed next to JJ's when we got back. We are aware that we posted that we did not want SS in a different room while away from home. What can we say other than that the life of a hypocrite is a lonely one. And what did we do once SS was asleep, safely tucked next to her brother? We old fogies promptly fell asleep. Heh.

We had to take this picture for SS because for some unknown reason she totally loved this thing.

We ordered the Keiki (Hawaiian word for baby or child) noodles for SS and Grandpa warned us that the portions were big. Dude, we have no idea what the average size of a Hawaiian child is but we know we would not want to give birth to one. There was no difference (other than price) between SS's, P's and Grandpa's bowls.

As much as this man can push my buttons I just love his silly side. P is a very shy individual, but when it comes to us he looses all inhibitions. I flove this picture and am glad I captured this moment. Choosing to be under a microscope, undergoing the obvious disdain of our home study social worker, the long wait, and the doubts as to whether we were really adopting or just lying for sympathy, having SS is the best decision we have ever made. That and buying a slow cooker and a Foodsaver.

This was our cue that SS was tired and ready to go.

Then again, she is never too tired to be tickled by her big brother.

On or about the day I was born Papi planted two palm trees on our backyard. At least that is what he and Mami told me. I loved those trees and felt so fortunate that they loved me so much. I grew up listening to people telling me about how Papi would climb palm trees for coconuts. By the time I disrupted his well deserved retirement, Papi was too old (79) to climb palm trees. I hope he and Mami are cracking up in heaven watching SS trying to do a Papi thing. I have missed them every day since they had to go to heaven. I also have lost count of how many tears I have shed when thinking of them. But I am fortunate that my kids also remind me of them every single day.

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