Saturday, August 28, 2010

Grandpa is here, and Fergie would not come out for hours because it is that scared of SS.

Fergie is a very unhappy cat, so unhappy that we did not see her for hours, she would not come out to greet her owner. Heck, she would not come out for the nice sushi grade tuna Grandpa bought for her. I am worried about SS's treatment of the cat and do worry about ending up with a very scratched SS. Scratches are not that bad, but I am afraid that Fergie will go for SS's eyes.

Two more sleeps before JJ arrives. SS can't wait to see her brother and we can't wait for her to shut up about how much she misses him. Getting tired here and we need to be at the beach early tomorrow, then we are going out to brunch.

SS wanted to make sure Grandpa would regret ever inviting us to visit.

SS fell asleep during lunch and napped about an hour. She did eat decent for being so tired, especially the egg rolls. Every time P tried to eat one SS would take it away. The girl plays hard and dirty.

The perfect backdrop for SS's first taste of Spam musubi. Just keeping our healthy eating tradition.

SS surprised us by enjoying the carnitas we made.

I have no idea why I bothered bringing so much clothing for SS. Still why not allow her to roam around almost in the buff?

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