Sunday, August 29, 2010

She wore an itsy, bitsy...

We had a really rough night. We are sharing a full size bed with SS and she kicked, slapped, punched and plain beat us up all night. I left the bed at 3:00 a.m. and P followed me two hours later. This left SS with what she had worked so hard for all night, a bed to herself.

The plan was to be at the beach at 7:00 a.m., but little girls who stay up all night drop kicking their parents get very tired. We could not rouse SS, she just moved from snoring in the bedroom to snoring on the sofa. Oh well, not much that could be done, unless we really wanted her to finish the job she started last night.

Once Her Highness was done snoozing we treated her to breakfast. By the end of our stay SS is going to be a few shades darker and will look like a native. At least that is what Grandpa thinks.

Eating Grandpa's yummy banana pancakes.

Loving on Baba for his idea to have her literally take food from her Grandpa's mouth.

Who knew we'll find this here?

Spreading the love to Mama too.

Grandpa decided to join us at the beach, where SS gleefully rolled on the sand and thoroughly enjoyed her new toys. I made the mistake of skipping the sunscreen and am paying .for it as I post. OUCH.

The only underwater shot where P did not manage to focus on my cleavage. P, no one wants to see that!

We rented this cool boogie board for SS, so she could see the fish. She is not a total convert yet, but we have a week left and we are sure she'll try it for JJ.


We are not fans of bikinis for SS because we like to have her shoulders covered. Not out of modesty, but because of the blistering heat where we live. She'll probably not get to wear this one much next year.

And this is when she got water in her mouth and did not like it one bit.

We think this one is going to end up on SS's calendar next year.

P finally talked SS into trying the boogie board again. We then headed back to watch the Emmy's at two freaking o'clock.

I accidentally used the color accent setting and what did I get, of course I got no color. Weird.

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