Friday, August 20, 2010

Enjoying the last days of summer.

We are enjoying the last days of summer, and for us that means water time. We have been holding back a little due to SS's cold, but we could no longer deny her her favorite thing to do. A bonus was that we got to try out one of my birthdays gifts, a waterproof point and shoot camera (thanks Abu). We are hoping to get some nice underwater shots of JJ's and SS's first snorkeling experience. This might be our last visit to the waterpark this season, even if we return, it will be the last visit with P. We have really enjoyed the last two summers here and can't wait to return next summer.

Even though P has a strict no floaties policy SS must wear a PFD at the lazy lagoon and pool at the waterpark, their rules. It really amazes us that SS can spend up to ninety minutes not just floating around, but kicking her legs and using her arms. We old folks use inner tubes but SS won't have any of that, she is after all part fish.

SS insisted that Mama touch the tiny waterfall.

Strong little sturdy legs.

For someone who is only 36 inches tall she looks really long legged in this shot.

I also went on a " I know after 12 days in paradise I'm not going to feel like cooking, but my family has to eat" cooking and freezing binge. This is what our freezer looks like now, and there is more in the garage freezer. They are mostly individual servings, including a lot of SS size servings to get us at least through our first week back while we get our bearings. SS has developed a taste for pasta with carbonara sauce and she has at east 12 servings in there. When P comes home for lunch he tries to figure out what I'm up to from the lingering smells.

At the beginning of the summer SS would only get near this mushroom fountain if we held her. She then would jump only if she was holding our hands. Our little girl is growing up and now she does a big girl jump all on her own.

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