Tuesday, August 31, 2010

She did not miss him at all.

I neglected to mention a cute SSism. When she was rattling on about going to the beach Sunday, she said "I want to go to outside beach." We were mindful to make sure to fulfill her specific request, because let's face it, inside beaches are just not the same.

Last night SS sat on the lounger outside with one of her Toy Story books, then announced "Mama, I relax." I was so happy that our obviously stressed out child could let go and find a few minutes to relax. Being three is one tough gig.

JJ and P were discussing shows, a favorite thing for them to do, while I was surfing the Internet. They kept talking about a tortuga character, and I made the mistake to ask who was that. JJ seriously replied, "Ah Mom, it's a tortoise in Spanish. Gee, I thought you spoke the language." Both he and P thought he was hilarious. Guess what, my lovely but uninformed child, it's a turtle. Seriously, my kids are the biggest smart a$$es ever, obviously thanks to P. This is why JJ and P will now be changing all of SS's shitty diapers and wiping her behind. That should teach them to make fun of me.

These pictures were in the D60 and I was too lazy to download them yesterday. Cracks us up how much SS loves her big brother.

Here she is giving me the evil eye, even though I was not the one responsible for her almost losing the tip of her thumb. P accidentally closed the shower door when SS's delicate finger was in the way. Poor little girl cried so loud and did the whole not breathing thing for a while. But since I was the one in the shower with her, it made me guilty by association.

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