Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bah Humbug!

No visit to Santa today, no shopping, have not even ordered Christmas cards. We are full with holiday joy around here. P had a tough week as their network was down and they lost all their data. One thing about P's employer is that they never have a plan B. When one of the machines that brings in the majority of their business breaks down that's it, it has never occurred to them to have a back up one. When they realized that their data was gone, that was the time to remember that they had not backed up their data since August. They are now desperately trying to catch up. The good news is that P did not have to work today, and I felt awful about dragging him to the Mall for the Santa picture. I could have gone with SS, but P likes to be there when she has her picture taken. And let's face it, he is the one that gets the smiles for those money shots. We have been lounging around watching SS play with her Bristle Blocks and creating flying machines for Buzz Lightyear. Santa will be there tomorrow, and the day after that, and...

Off to watch Sex and the City 2 and Eat, Pray, Love. I am going to owe P big time for the chick flicks.

Yesterday SS had one of her many daily falls, but her cries were loud, she was obviously hurt. We did not see anything at the time and were thankful that there was no blood. This morning we found the bruise under her precious little chin.

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