Sunday, December 05, 2010

A treat for our super hero.

We treated our tiny super hero to an exhibit on movie costumes. SS was bored senseless immediately and decided to do the I am afraid of everything one of you must hold me while I bury my face on your neck bit. She finally warmed up by the end, just when both our backs had had enough of carrying twenty nine and three quarters pounds of love. The exhibit got two thumbs down from SS because they did not have the most important super hero costume ever, Monkey King Buzz Lightyear Firefighter Hero. SS's new obsessions are firetrucks and firemen.

After the exhibit we dropped by the Mall to gauge what this year's reaction to the fat man in the red suit would be. SS was interested, smiled and waved at Santa. Now this happened with a fence between them, but we are not expecting a major meltdown this year. Of course I will be soon posting about the major meltdown that she had this year. The line for Santa was not long, but there was quite a wait. As I thought we were about to keep moving P stood in line with SS. I asked him what he was doing. P thought I wanted to get the picture done. Excuse me? Our daughter's hair is a mess and she is in no way dressed for a picture. Then I looked at the little boy on Santa's lap dressed in old jeans and a fleece jacket and felt like a heel. This year I am ditching the Santa dress, which by the way still fits. I am torn between two dresses, the one she wore to the wedding and another one. Decisions, decisions...

SS had a meltdown on the way home, it appears that we tired her well and good by making her walk. She crashed at 4:30 p.m. and there was no way to prevent her sleep. I doubt that she will sleep until tomorrow morning, so we will have yet another manic Monday morning.

SS played her first bowling game on the Wii today. I really like SS's icon, made by her Baba.

Not bad for a first time, she broke 100 and even got a strike (frame 3).

SS is the type of child that gets too close to animals without knowing them. This is a first, we were surprised that she kept a healthy distance from Cricket. The handler gave a nice talk to SS about the owl, but SS could not have cared less. She was however very disturbed that Cricket wanted to fly and was not allowed to be free. Despite all my best efforts my daughter has a heart.

Kinglon warrior uniform, there were a lot of Star Trek costumes.

My Wicked Witch if the West's hat from Wizard of Oz, a movie I have never watched completely. No rush, the play it very year.

Arnold's Terminator jacket with bullet holes.

SS had not warmed up to the exhibit yet.

Dan Akroyd's Ghostbusters II jumpsuit.

Indiana Jone's jacket and whip.

P lost interest in this Barman costume when he found out it was George Clooney's, not Michael Keaton's.

It was impossible to get good pictures with the way the lighting was set up.

One of P's childhood memories involves going to the video store with Grandpa and meeting Darth Vader, a big deal for him.

SS's impression of Darth Vader is that he runs on batteries. My impression is that the guy inside the suit had very small feet for a man. Those boots were size 8 tops.

The costume worn by the star of Highlander. But SS called it "the monster costume."

SS and Yoda are the same height.

Indiana Jones and mini Indiana Jones. They are so freaking cute!

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