Friday, December 31, 2010

Driving Ms. S.

Once again JJ managed to impart wisdom during his visit. This is funny to me because, well, he's my kid. Back in September we were annoyed at him because he failed to make us aware of something very important. At the time I took full responsibility for dropping him on his head so often. I did not recall doing it, but it was the only logical explanation for his behavior. But even then he managed to leave us slack jawed with some of his observations.

The thing is that he is perhaps the only person who really gets us. Of course that comes from our little island of three (now of 4). It is sobering to listen to your child give sound, logical advice. And as much as I know I have screwed up as a parent, sometimes I think I probably got a thing or two right when we have those talks. And one thing JJ is sure about is that we must remain true to our commitment to SS, to protecting her story, to be as truthful as possible when we write to her about how she came to us, and how we deal with not only the big things, but the daily minutia. It is about us as a family, and as we have written ad naseum what started as a letter to SS has evolved into a letter to SS and JJ. They are the only thing on our minds when we spill our guts. JJ is confident that SS will enjoy reading through our twisted thoughts in the future as much as he enjoys it now. That is good enough for us, because of JJ the blog will survive the stroke of midnight.

SS's hair is getting so long, it looks like we need to start considering a trim again. As labor intensive as those morning knots are we are not ready to let go of her beautiful hair. SS also claims to like her hair long, once she changes her mind we will of course reconsider.

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