Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The hat is back.

SS's fedora somehow ended up in JJ's backpack on the return flight from Maui. When we figured this out we were scared about what was to come. SS sometimes slept with that darn hat. I did not want JJ to mail it, because I was afraid it would arrive unusable. So we distracted SS with her many other hats. She thankfully developed a liking to her Chicago Zoo hat and all was well. But now that her Halloween (skulls and bones) fedora is back, it is going to be difficult to get anything else on SS's head. We can already see her wearing it while sitting on Santa's lap.

SS was not kidding when she said she liked Baba's glasses. She got her grubby little hands on mine and decided to readjust their shape. I found my glasses literally bent out of shape. Before, I would have seen that as s sign from above to toss them aside. Now I actually need them, and I was afraid they were beyond repair. The clerk cringed when she saw how messed up the frame was and warned me that if she broke them while attempting to reshape them, they would not offer a replacement. GULP. She was able to do a good job without breaking them. Needing glasses really sucks.

Since we desperately needed a pick me up, we took SS downtown to see the Christmas decorations. This is a low budget city, so it was not much. SS is finally noticing Christmas. This brings up an issue where P and I are in disagreement, how to handle the Santa myth. The short story is that many parents choose to tell the truth to their adopted children, because it is an issue of trust. If you "lie" about Santa, is your child going to trust you about more serious issues, such as the story of how they came into your life. I have yet to make a decision, but P is all for the Santa myth. Now, aside from the adoption part, I have always found it silly. Maybe that is because I was told the truth at an early age. No big deal to me, as long as I got loot. I might let it go this year, but unlike P, I do worry about trust, and we do need SS to trust us. Especially when eventually SS will read reports that some children were abducted for the purpose of placing them for International adoption. Who knew a fat man in a red suit would bring forth so much angst.

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