Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mute children say the darnest things.

We frequently talk to SS about how perfect she is just the way she came into the world. We want her to be comfortable in her own skin, and hope that when some jerk makes a stupid comment about her ethnicity and looks, SS will simply laugh and have an awfully funny (and hopefully biting) come back. I was in the middle of one of those silly talks, stating how much I love her amazing eyes, lustrous hair, dark skin, small feet, etc. SS asked if I loved her neck, and I answered that I not only love her neck but also love her neck rolls. SS went on to mention other body parts and I answered that I loved them all. Then SS very matter of fact asked "Mama, do you love my gina?" P gave me his annoying look and smirk that screams "better you than me." We do not have a problem using proper terminology and also do want SS to think that talking about her body in the privacy of her own home is wrong. But after the I want alcohol incident it is obvious that something so innocent can be misconstrued. My answer was "Baby I love everything about you." That satisfied SS, and she hugged me before continuing her questions. As I hugged SS P smiled at me and sincerely said "Nice save Baby."

We are watching the CBS special A Home for the Holidays and their focus is on adoption. Such a beautiful thing when people do not let a silly thing like DNA get in the way of forming or expanding a family. Ricky Martin was just announced and SS screamed his name as though she was a long time groupie. She does love his song Living la Vida Loca, and that is exactly what SS is doing.

The school director took this picture and it was part of SS's Christmas gift to us, along with her first made at school ornament. Director D definitely has the picture setting and taking down. Sweet picture.

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