Friday, December 03, 2010

Tree lighting ceremony.

Yesterday SS was in bed by 7:00 p.m., and slept through the night. When P went to kiss her goodbye at 5:30 this morning our little monkey was wide awake. Such an early awakening turned into a three hour nap in the afternoon.

When we got home from school SS wanted to wear her rain boots, although it was not raining. She was in full ham mode and started doing her martial arts (she watched part of The Karate Kid), so there are more pictures than necessary, but I could not choose. SS insisted on going to get the mail, then took on the steep climb up from our place. Walking in rainboots when you are a klutz is difficult. When we saw P driving by it was time to hustle and get home. P did not see us and was wondering why the door was unlocked and the house so quiet.

This evening we took SS to the tree lighting ceremony. We think ceremony is an exaggeration, but that is what they call it. This is a very low budget city. But SS enjoyed the Victorian band, with authentic costumes no less. Then they had to cut their performance short because it started to rain and their authentic attire was too expensive to get wet. SS was able to get her groove on and when the band left it was time for us to head home.

Tomorrow is the Christmas parade and there is a 40% probability of rain. We attended the past two years, but it was just plain cold, no rain. As much as we want to have traditions with SS, we are not sure it is worth getting soaked in the process.

P came up with his most dreaded statement as a parent, "I am a pregnant republican."

This was a big deal and two years in the making. SS has only been on P's shoulders once before and she was terrified. It is something P has tried to do many times, but when SS starts to freak out I cut it short. It is not worth upsetting her, no matter how much her Baba wanted it. But tonight SS managed to stay on her Baba's shoulders for 15 minutes. She initially cried, but I felt secure that she could calm down and not be traumatized.

Walking in rainboots is difficult for SS, when she started running to her Baba I was afraid she would end up doing a face plant on concrete. Our klutzy girl managed to get to her Baba unharmed.

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