Friday, December 10, 2010

McGrudgy strikes again.

SS gave her Baba the cold shoulder until bedtime. The more she ignored him the clingier she got to me. SS napped on me this afternoon, something she has not done in a long time. When I tried to put her down she would scream, so nap on top of Mama it was. P made her noodles for dinner to get in her good graces, and SS repaid him by refusing to be fed by him. When we made our way upstairs SS made it clear that she was going to sleep in "Mama's room." She then gave me lots of hugs and kisses, and even more I love yous. When P asked her if she loved him, SS answered "I love Mama." Poor guy had to beg for an I love you. No one holds a grudge like our daughter.

SS is recognizing more letters and likes to name them when we are playing words with Friends (Scrabble rip off) on our phones. She also gets upset when we do not use her favorite letters J and W. We have magnetic letters on our refrigerator door and SS loves to show me the W upside down and asks me what letter she is holding. When I say M, she corrects me "M is for Mama, but this is W." She then turns the letter right side up and laughs at how she tricked her Mama. She is such a funky chicken.

Tonight,in an effort to get SS to forget her grudge, P allowed her to watch Minute to Win It. SS just loves that silly game show and totally gets into the cheering and also the agony of defeat. Her enjoyment makes the silly show bearable. Another favorite is Wipe Out, like her Baba our SS enjoys the falls more than anything.

I just finally managed to unwrap SS from me and she is sound asleep. We are hoping for a restful night and good mood in the morning, as we are going to visit Santa tomorrow.

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