Saturday, December 25, 2010

We Buzz Lightyeared her out.

Christmas morning caught us uncharacteristically with our Santa pants down. SS was up and ready to roll, but one gift was still boxed in the garage (same box where we brought it home 5 years ago) and one gift was half way assembled. Once again JJ got busy and finished the assembly in record time, anything for his little sister. The boxed gift was thankfully fully assembled, but it took some work to get it out and to dispose of the protective foam around it.

The plan was to Buzz Lightyear SS out and I think we succeeded. While we cut down significantly, there was still more than she needed. We decided to leave a few gifts for Dia de Reyes. It looks like SS received more than JJ, but balancing them out (JJ could not care less) is tricky. JJ gets less gifts but they are more expensive. We just do not want him to feel left out, since we have a hell of a lot of experience in that department. SS is now a pro at opening gifts and it was a lot of fun watching her rip gift wrap away. She seemed pleased with her loot and we are sure she does not even remember about Dia de Reyes. I recently read something neat in a blog about a family's philosophy of Christmas gift giving and might give it a try next year. The kids receive four gifts, something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read. SS received some money from relatives and we are going to use that for her wardrobe.

We had a lazy day and had our traditional prime rib dinner, this year with arroz con gandules and fresh green beans. Having three ethnicities under one roof makes for interesting traditions. The best gift for P, SS and I is that we have JJ until Monday. On one of his visits we are going to kidnap him and stuff him in SS's closet. Shhhh, don't tell him or he won't return. We are just not a complete freak show without him, not many people get us.

Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas filled with loot, merriment, love and peace.

This Buzz fleece blanket is huge, longer than P and very warm. I see SS dumping her home made Snoopy blanket tonight.

Yeah, Toy Story 3 from Grandpa.

A book of stories of the Toy Story trilogy for bedtime reading.

A Diego and Dora cooking book from the grandmothers. But in SS's world that translates into a Diego cooking book.

One of the three remaining gifts bought years before she came home. SS has so many phones that we decided to wait one more year for this one.

Three TS books with a mini projector with slides from the stories.

SS already had a fancy Memory game, but we could not resist indulging her TS obsession.

JJ is a fan of the Back to the Future trilogy. P once gave him an awesome replica of the Delorean in the movie, JJ's dream car. Oh wait, that is the blu ray version and JJ dos not have a blu ray player. OOPS.

JJ does a lot of heavy duty things in his desktop and netbook and had been looking into a 1 terabyte portable drive. I do not know how much that is but probably more space than our desktop and netbooks combined. JJ is planning to dump his desktop hard drive into this one.

We think he liked his blu ray DVD player.

Best gift ever.

A little girl and her Buzz, such a beautiful thing.

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